Things to Keep in Mind When You Buy a Budget Mattress for Designing Your Bedroom

Things to Keep in Mind When You Buy a Budget Mattress for Designing Your Bedroom

We’re taught not to skimp on good sleep. That’s why you just can’t arrange a high-end bedroom and put a cheap mattress on your bed frame.

Or can you?

Well, technically, you can do whatever makes you happy. But let’s explore the main consequences of this decision and how they will impact your sleep, health, and budget.

General Recommendations on Upgrading Your Bedroom

Before we dive in, let’s make sure that you’re doing your bedroom renovation correctly.

To make your sleeping sanctuary look nice and wholesome, try to apply the following recommendations.

Choose the Right Mattress Size

Bedrooms are centered around beds. This essential item sets the overall mood and defines the room’s style.

That’s why a proper mattress size matters a lot.

  • Queen-sized beds can fit most bedrooms without feeling bulky, which is why it’s the most popular mattress size on the market.
  • King size is the widest bed available, so if you have a spacious bedroom, it will make a perfect combo and won’t feel too massive.
  • California King is the longest mattress size. You can put it in a long narrow bedroom to outline the sleeping zone and separate it from the storage area or dressing table.

Note that minimal space between a bed and a nightstand should be at least two inches so that they wouldn’t bump into each other.

Use Proportional Furniture

If you have a small, square bedroom, there’s obviously no need to purchase furniture made for giants. It will eat all your bedroom’s space and look ridiculous.

The opposite isn’t smart either:

A tiny bed will be lost in a large bedroom.

The standard bed height varies from 22 to 25 inches. If you have high ceilings, you may want to make your bed seem higher with the help of a canopy or a high headboard. This way it will feel more in tune with space.

Don’t Forget About Storage Space

Owners of small apartments know how hard it is to arrange a proper storage area, but you can actually create one inside your bedroom!

Some bed frames allow you to utilize under-bed space and turn it into a drawer where you can keep your bedding sheets and even regular clothes without cluttering your home.

Not to mention that an adequately organized storage area is a proven way to make a tiny apartment look bigger without any effort.

What to Expect from a Cheap Mattress?

Now, let’s make one thing clear right away:

Not all budget-friendly mattresses have the drawbacks mentioned below. There are many manufacturers who establish high standards on their manufacturing facilities and make sure these standards are met.

That’s why it’s important to check the brand’s history on the market and read the actual user reviews.

If your goal is to find the best budget mattress that won’t become a waste of money, check out some suggestions on Happysleepyhead.

Now, let’s talk about the risks of buying a cheap mattress (if you’re buying from an unreliable brand).

Short Lifespan

The least problematic scenario, in this case, is you would have to pay twice because your mattress has become unsupportive and saggy way faster than its more expensive alternatives.

The lower the price tag, the lower the quality of materials.

  • Polyfoam instead of memory foam. Polyurethane foam requires fewer resources to produce, and hence, it’s cheaper. Along with that, mattresses from polyfoam tend to be less resilient because they have an open-cell structure. These mattresses lose their shape faster and are prone to sagging.
  • Lower-grade fabrics. The quality of cover fabric significantly impacts the overall look of your mattress. Cheaper materials are prone to lint and may tear quickly. Also, they’re typically synthetic, which means less breathability and increased chances of hot sleeping.
  • Fiberfill inside pillow tops. Fiberfill is made of polyester, and even though it’s a hypoallergenic material, fibers may stick out and feel itchy. Certainly not what you want to feel during sleep.

Questionable Certifications

A certification tag is a tag given by a third-party organization to label products that meet certain standards of processing, manufacturing, packaging, trading, and distribution.

But when you’re buying a cheap mattress or try a brand with no history on the market, you always feel like a roulette player.

To minimize any possible problems, check if the brand has one or several certifications from trusted organizations on the market.

If there aren’t any, it’s better to avoid this manufacturer and choose another brand.

Potential Odor

This issue might be linked to the previous one.

Cheaper mattresses are mostly made of different types of foam. Since foam is a synthetic material, it requires a lot of chemicals to produce. Some of these chemicals have an odor that may remain inside the foam.

If a mattress is certified by one of the trusted third-party organizations, you can be sure that the volatile compounds won’t do you any harm. In this case, an unpleasant odor (if any) will probably air out over time.

With mattresses offered by unknown brands, though, you can accidentally expose yourself to harsh chemicals, such as phthalates, poisonous flame retardants, or formaldehyde.

So, let’s sum up.

There are budget-friendly mattress brands that can offer you quality products. But you need to do thorough research on your own or refer to recommendations of niche experts in order to ensure your slumber will be healthy and peaceful.

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