House WR by Niko Wauters

House WR by Niko Wauters

Location: Keerbergen, Flemish Brabant, Belgium
Year: 2011
Area: 1,929 sqft
Photo courtesy: Liesbeth Goetschalckx, Ynje Degraeve, Niko Wauters

Architect Niko Wauters designed this minimalistic low-energy family home. He is one of the leading architects at Schellen Architecten.


This spacious home was designed on a small plot (8 acres), and is designed around contrasts. Open to the sun & the garden, but closed to the street & the north.


The black volume on the ground-floor contains the living areas, all connected but visual separated. The night part is located on the upper floor in the semi-floating white volume.


Through pivotating glass doors & skylights, daylight illuminates the whole home. At night, the moon is a subtle night light in the upper corridor.


Because of its well thought design, this home uses little energy. Air-tight & well insulated, this home loses almost no energy. The small amount of energy necessary for heating the home during winter, is produced by a geothermal heathpump and solar panels.


Most of the interior lights are LED’s. All produced heat is reused (even heat from waste-water).


This project shows that low energy design & minimalistic architecture can go hand in hand.

House-WR-08 House-WR-09 House-WR-10 House-WR-11 House-WR-12 House-WR-13 House-WR-14-1 House-WR-14 House-WR-15 House-WR-16-1 House-WR-16 House-WR-17-1 House-WR-17 House-WR-18 House-WR-19-1 House-WR-19 House-WR-21 House-WR-22 House-WR-23 House-WR-24

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