Contemporary Emerald Gardens by The Manser Practice Architects located in Wembley Park, London

Contemporary Emerald Gardens by The Manser Practice Architects located in Wembley Park, London

Architects: The Manser Practice Architects
Location: London, England
Year: 2016
Photo courtesy: The Manser Practice Architects

“The Manser Practice has recently completed the interiors for two residential lounges at the new Tipi build to rent development in Wembley Park, North West London.


These lounges were designed to be free from the corporate formalities of concierges and reception desks, replacing them instead with informal workplaces, living room style lounges and the opportunity for play. The two lounges were designed separately as ‘working’ and ‘playing’ spaces, but both areas provide places for tenants to relax, socialise and entertain.


The ‘Nest’ lounge has a restrained palette to give a comfortable and cosy atmosphere ideally suited to individual use or smaller groups. A series of screens define spaces for work and relaxation, allowing residents to spend long periods of time working, studying or relaxing.


The ‘Deckhouse’ lounge is designed to be vibrant and conducive to larger gatherings. Reconfigurable modular seating can be used indoors and out, yet is designed to be feel domestic – creating an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Vintage arcade games, a pool table and board games inject a sense of fun, helping establish a strong sense of community within the development.


Both lounges are flexible, adaptable and appeal to a wide range of people, creating a memorable first impression for residents, and spaces that act as an extension of their apartment where they can enjoy spending time.”

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