5 Most Common Signs of Foundation Problems

5 Most Common Signs of Foundation Problems

There is no doubt that home problems of any kind can be the worst for residents. Yet, homeowners often feel helpless when finding a solution, whether it is improper electrical wiring or plumbing issues. Foundation problems are the most overwhelming for people. This is because every home’s structural integrity depends on the foundation and strength to support everything from the walls and windows to the floors and the roof. Therefore, if it gets damaged for any reason, it can easily lead to more serious problems throughout the home.

In general, there are a few contributing factors that cause foundation issues. However, they can be best analyzed by experienced professionals who will also know the most suitable foundation repair solution for a particular cause.

In the meantime, you must identify the signs on time to repair your foundation properly and even reduce your costs.

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Cracks in walls, ceiling, and slab foundation

Cracks can occur both on your house’s exterior and interior structure. While fine, small cracks are usually harmless. However, larger cracks are a very common sign of severe foundation problems.

For example, unusual long horizontal cracks can be found on exterior walls, which can grow larger over time if not identified early on and repaired properly.

As for your interior walls, ceiling cracks are the most common and occur in the form of matching vertical cracks or cracks that extend across the entire ceiling.

Also, foundation or basement cracks in slab foundation are very serious and can disrupt a building’s structure if not detected early on.

Foundation sinking

If you notice that one side of your house is lower than the other, that is a sign of a sinking foundation, which is another huge problem. Some factors that lead to this are poorly compacted soils or structural damage to a past earthquake in the area.

If this is the case with your house, you will need to reach out to a professional to lift your foundation and install piles and polymers to raise your structure. Engaging in such foundation repair, you will ensure that your house will be supported evenly across all four corners.

Gaps around window frames

Another common sign of foundation problems is gaps around window frames. These issues occur because too much weight pushes down on one side while the other remains unsupported. If not fixed through professional foundation support services, the gaps will most likely continue to widen.

The best solution to this foundation problem is the installation of piers underneath the structure to achieve an equal distribution everywhere.

Also, be aware of crooked door frames and gaps beneath doors as they are also common signs of foundation issues.

Sagging or uneven floors

Uneven floors can also be a major indication of a severe foundation problem. They can occur due to too much moisture, soil movement, or poor structural design, all of which can cause the floors to be sagging, bowing, or dipping. Again, this is a dangerous foundation issue that must be immediately fixed to not worsen over time.

For example, experts can fix poor structural designs using floor jacks and foundation piering and place holes in or below the foundation to raise it back to its original place.

Damp crawl space

Unfortunately, the crawl space is often the most misunderstood part of any home. However, its importance cannot be overlooked because it encompasses many crucial building components of the foundation. In addition, because it is vented to outside air, it is exposed to numerous factors that can lead to foundation problems.

One of the most common is heavy moisture which can attract termites and cause the wooden beams beneath your house to rot. This is often accompanied by a foul, musty odor that can even be noticed while inside your home.

Final thoughts

The foundation is one of the most important parts of any house, so if you notice unusual things happening, you must find a solution to a problem. Whether you see cracks in the walls, step on a squeaky floor or even sense an unpleasant smell inside your home, then you should immediately contact a qualified contractor. This person will thoroughly inspect your property and develop a repair plan that best suits your situation.

Watch out for the most common signs of foundation problems and keep your home in excellent shape to prevent further damages.

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