House Ber by Nico van der Meulen Architects and M Square Lifestyle Design

House Ber by Nico van der Meulen Architects and M Square Lifestyle Design

Architects: Nico van der Meulen Architects and M Square Lifestyle Design
Location: Midrand, South Africa
Photos in courtesy of David Ross

The house has a straightforward rectangular shape where the front room speaks to the focal point of the space.

Ber 004

The counterfeit partition in the middle of inside and outside has been lessened to the base by encompassing water and utilizing frameless windows. Coasting down the rock chunks and steel embeds, one can just respect the last item: the dark decorates done in steel are seen all through the living arrangement and exemplify the primary normal for the house.

Ber 001A cantilevered staircase was manufactured simply out of a rock clad divider. Ber 005The sentiment straightforwardness and a characteristic touch can be savored on account of the marble floors, Caesarstone and lit up roofs.Ber 008All materials were kept consistent with their structures, making a differentiating impact amongst diverse composition which rather than irritating the eye, calls for additional!Ber 009

In accordance with the arbitrary steel bars, the inside planners drew a portrayal where one line connected everything, in order to make the sentiment association that so highly motivated the making of this house.

Ber 010

Correlative associate of this outstanding group of modelers and inside originators, M Square Lifestyle Necessities gave the last touch! B&B Italia, Pedrali and Molteni &C furniture, Foscarini and Zero lights and Ligne Pure floor coverings finish the temperament, while Regardt van der Meulen’s figure livens up the space in its tri-dimensionality.

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Ber 059

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