Country home planned for a couple wanting an easy indoor-outdoor living space

Architects: Stoa Architecture
Location: Chertsey, Quebec, Canada
Year: 2016
Area: 4.520 ft²/ 420 m²
Photography: ©Normand Rajotte

“Located on a steep, lakeside and densely wooded site north of Montréal, this country home was planned for a couple wanting an easy indoor-outdoor living space well integrated to the site typography.

With the intent of extending seasonal uses and allowing new ones, the house is made of two volumes and a central interstitial space framing a preferred view of the lake beyond while offering a covered access to the main entrance. The overall organization is a contemporary reinterpretation of the “dogtrot house” typology. The two volumes are covered by a continuous flat roof. The first volume includes the living spaces and four bedrooms while the second consists of a screened porch and a garage.

Full height glass panels enhance the desired indoor-outdoor relationship through transparency.

The architectural expression echoes the geological composition of the site, with rock stratification punctually emerging through the ground. Two long strata define the main floor and the roof. Mostly horizontal, they are slightly bent in three locations, in response to specific spatial conditions. The lower stratum hovers above the recessed base, enhancing the presence of exposed bedrock.

Eastern white cedar cladding was used for the exterior walls while western red cedar was chosen for the fascia, soffit and terrace applications. A circular opening in the passage’s roof allows sun, rain or snow.”

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