Lover of White Apartment in Taipei City by Studio Alfonso Ideas

Lover of White Apartment in Taipei City by Studio Alfonso Ideas

Architects: Studio Alfonso Ideas
Location: Taipei City, Taiwan
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Studio Alfonso Ideas

This is another 3 room loft unit situated in Taipei city, Taiwan.


The female owner is a Jewelry configuration who is likewise for white shading, the male proprietor works in music industry who voyages a great deal the world over seriously. Both of their works are exceptionally requesting and distressing , that is the reason they need to assemble their new home withcoziness .


Since the extent of the condo is generally little and it has great perspective confronting Taipei 101, they need to keep the house as open as could be expected under the circumstances. Thusly the study room has the mobile visually impaired that can be shut or open under various circumstances, which additionally turns into a decent element in this spot.

Lover-of-White-Apartment-in-Taipei-City-by-Studio-Alfonso-Ideas-03 Lover-of-White-Apartment-in-Taipei-City-by-Studio-Alfonso-Ideas-04 Lover-of-White-Apartment-in-Taipei-City-by-Studio-Alfonso-Ideas-05 Lover-of-White-Apartment-in-Taipei-City-by-Studio-Alfonso-Ideas-06 Lover-of-White-Apartment-in-Taipei-City-by-Studio-Alfonso-Ideas-07 Lover-of-White-Apartment-in-Taipei-City-by-Studio-Alfonso-Ideas-08 Lover-of-White-Apartment-in-Taipei-City-by-Studio-Alfonso-Ideas-09 Lover-of-White-Apartment-in-Taipei-City-by-Studio-Alfonso-Ideas-10 Lover-of-White-Apartment-in-Taipei-City-by-Studio-Alfonso-Ideas-11 Lover-of-White-Apartment-in-Taipei-City-by-Studio-Alfonso-Ideas-12 Lover-of-White-Apartment-in-Taipei-City-by-Studio-Alfonso-Ideas-13 Lover-of-White-Apartment-in-Taipei-City-by-Studio-Alfonso-Ideas-14 Lover-of-White-Apartment-in-Taipei-City-by-Studio-Alfonso-Ideas-15

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