House in Go Vap by MM++ Architects

House in Go Vap by MM++ Architects

Architects: MM++ Architects
Location: Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietmam
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: Nam Bui Photography

The house is based on a 8m wide and 22m profound plot in a private area of Saigon. Intended for a couple and their 3 youthful children.


A first square in the front with passage, living region and kitchen, combined all together in one substantial open space, empowering association between relatives’. In the wake of intersection a little inside greenery enclosure with a huge rooftop opening, a second piece with the two child’s rooms on the ground floor, parental suite and an extra room on the first floor.


The test of this venture was to fabricate a contemporary house with a “top of the line feeling” in an extremely prohibitive spending plan, thus compositional components are truly straightforward ( solid structure, brickworks, fired tiles, folded iron rooftop layered with protecting material) while furniture and hardware are in an astounding wrapping up.


Characteristic ventilation (through top casing louvers on the veneer, openings in the glass rooftop and back patio), aberrant normal light and an extensive shade rooftop on the front rise to avoid direct daylight, make the house agreeable to live. The numerous “inside-outside” visual associations with the front patio planted, the inside greenery enclosure with tropical plants and bamboo planted pots on the first floor make an unwinding and private environment amidst a high thickness neighborhood.


This task means to bring an option approach for the origination of center extent Vietnamese urban house, joining customary development standards, minimal effort material arrangements and contemporary outline.

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