A project meant to give a new meaning to the valley by idsp arquitetos

A project meant to give a new meaning to the valley by idsp arquitetos

Architects: idsp arquitetos
Location: Vale das Laranjeiras, Brazil
Year: 2017
Area: 7.889 ft²/ 733 m²
Photo courtesy: Manuel Sá

“The residence is located in one of the first urban allotment of the district of Itaici, in the city of Indaiatuba, interior of São Paulo: the Valley of Laranjeiras. Formed and constituted by a Portuguese’s community, in the early 1980s, it carries in its streets the names of localities and cities of that country.

The site, with 3.000m², has a gentle slope towards the two lakes that exists in the bottom of the valley. The project sought to implement the building providing relationships with some neighbors, maintaining a pre-existing insertion, height and logic, privileging users’ privacy and creating paths and surprises from access to free and complete contemplation of the landscape. The spaces were distributed according to the best solar orientation and directed to the main visual axes for the lush landscape of the valley. The social and service areas were arranged on the ground floor, in the center of the site, integrated into the leisure spaces, forming an “L” shape. In a lower plateau, at the bottom of the site, a concrete sports court and a grass field for soccer practice were arranged, associated with granite steps that serve as bleachers. On the upper floor, there are five suites and an office;

It was adopted the construction system in reinforced concrete, traditional and common in the region, for its more affordable costs. Local materials such as pink granite, marbles and crystallites were used in the counters, fireplaces and washbasins. Ceramic flooring in the social and leisure areas and wooden block in the intimate areas.”

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