Canada Invests in Energy-Efficient Homes 

Canada Invests in Energy-Efficient Homes 

Climate change is creating long-lasting negative effects on the housing market; likewise, current housing models are causing serious long-term effects on the climate. In addition, household emissions from water and air heating systems are Canada’s third largest contributor to air pollution.

Climate change affects not only air quality and the structural stability of homes against severe weather systems but the price of materials to build new homes in Surrey. Mortgage rates and insurance premiums are also affected by climate change.

In order to build affordable new condos in Surrey that are sustainable today and, in the future, homeowners and developers must rethink the way they design and build new condos in Surrey. New home designs must be stable enough to withstand any type of extreme weather and energy efficient, so they leave a smaller carbon footprint by using less power.

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Government Programs

To encourage and help homeowners build environmentally friendlier new condos in Surrey, the provincial and federal governments are offering a variety of energy-efficient grants, interest-free loans, and other incentives to homeowners and developers.

Through the various government cost-saving programs, homeowners can install energy-saving retrofits to their new homes in Surrey without worrying about the high costs. By offering homeowners and developers different financial options for installing eco-friendly fixtures in their new condos in Surrey, the Government of Canada aims to reduce household emissions by 45% by 2030 and to net zero by 2050.

Energy-efficient building materials and retrofits installed in new homes in Surrey are more expensive than standard products, but the long-term savings and benefits far outweigh the initial costs. Installing energy-saving windows and other energy-reducing heating systems like tankless water heaters and geothermal heating systems significantly lowers your monthly expenses making eco-friendly homes the better choice for the environment and your wallet.

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About Surrey

Surrey is the perfect city to build energy-efficient new homes. As the second largest city in British Columbia, Surrey is a global leader in innovative and technological designs and solutions. In addition, this beautiful urban sprawl is only 23 kilometers from Vancouver and is close to the US border.

Surrey is also one of Canada’s fastest-growing and most culturally diverse cities. As of 2017, over 518,467 people lived in this friendly community. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, people from all walks of life enjoy the natural attractions and proximity to the ocean, green spaces, and other amenities that this affordable city offers.

This vibrant community boasts over 250 natural parks and some of the most beautiful beaches in Canada. Building energy-efficient new homes in Surrey guarantees current and future residents will continue to revel in all the amenities and naturally beautiful landscapes surrounding this vibrant suburb. In addition, its housing industry continues to lead the way in developing environmentally friendly and sustainable new condos in Surrey.

New homes in Surrey can be more affordable than in other nearby cities, making this culturally and artistically rich urban space the perfect place for homebuyers and government initiatives to invest in energy-efficient housing. In addition, the diversity of the neighborhoods offers new condo buyers in Surrey many options for designing their energy-efficient homes.

Building energy-efficient new homes in Surrey is not just good for your wallet. Sustainable and eco-friendly housing materials and retrofits preserve the natural landscape and wildlife that surrounds the area. However, as the city continues to grow and prosper, more energy-efficient new homes in Surrey are needed to ensure residents can continue to live in affordable and eco-friendly housing. To help homeowners, Canada is committed to investing in energy-efficient homes.

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