The most popular home interior designs of 2020

The most popular home interior designs of 2020


2020 has been an incredibly strange year, but one of the positives that has come out of this difficult year is some of the glorious designs we’ve seen homeowners implement while they’ve been spending so long at home. Below, we’ve outlined some of the most popular home interior designs and some of our favourite designs to inspire you before you start your redecorating!


  1. Statement rugs

Rugs have always been a delightful staple in any property, but homeowners have really stepped it up this year. Hard floors, like wood or linoleum, are the perfect pair with these statement rugs, as it makes both textures pop while allowing for some real personalisation. With a huge variety of pattern, colour and materials, there’s a rug out there for every colour scheme, and there have been some stunning combinations of matching rugs to wallpaper to make a flawless, stylish transition around the whole room. Another added advantage of a rug on these types of floor, especially in the winter, is that the floor will be warmer underfoot.


  1. Natural colour

Previously, we’ve seen a lot of interest in white and grey colour schemes, that looks incredibly clean and modern but can come across as a little cold for some. If that’s you, natural colours could be the ideal design for you! Utilising earthy colours and textures, this style allows for a gloriously warm and welcoming home without being too bright and brash, which can be too intense in some eyes. Opting for terracotta, copper, and earthy greens create a stunning combination that pairs incredibly with a minimalist style.


  1. Pretty in pink

Some homeowners find a lot of colour overwhelming, but for others its exactly what they need to feel truly at home. Blush pink has become a hugely popular choice this year, as it pairs so well with a multitude of colours, offering a good colour combination for almost any preference. Some are going one step further and choosing much brighter pinks to really draw attention in and make their homes pop! Pink is also a very flexible colour and can be used for near enough any room in the house and still look gorgeous.


  1. Big, bold, and daring

Neutral decoration has been a comfort zone for many of us, but more and more people are branching out and embracing a more dramatic flair. Navy walls, paired with gold accents, is a stunning combination that makes a room look cosy, welcoming, and incredibly sophisticated. For those who aren’t too sure of navy, a deep emerald is also a beautiful choice and is perfect for bedrooms or living rooms in need of a revamp.


  1. Cottagecore

This trend started on social media and took the internet by storm, with Instagram featuring some utterly perfect homes that perfectly portray the cottagecore vibe. Revolving around nature, soft pastels, and exposed brickwork kitchens with old-fashioned agas, this trend is exactly what 2020 needed. It focusses on the simplicity of rural life and has had millions of us wanting log fires and thatched roofs.


  1. Interior garden

Being stuck at home for the majority of this year had most of us begging to get outside, sick of the sight of the same four walls day after day. To counteract this, some have started bringing the outside in. Dried flowers have become a popular addition in living rooms and kitchens, adding both a new texture and some colour and variety into your home. A big plus of this trend is that it’s probably the cheapest trend to bring into your house – you can pick your own flowers and press them to dry, and then display them as you please.


  1. Sustainable style

The fight against fast fashion has been going on for some time, but this year has really highlighted to a lot of us how much support small businesses need and how much of a difference the public can make when choosing a small business over a large corporation. With this in mind, we’re seeing more sustainable furniture popping up in homes, such as bamboo tables and locally designed and created pieces that have been made by a small business. A huge amount of small businesses have suffered irreparably through the pandemic, but this change is making a huge difference to those gaining support.

The most popular home interior designs of 2020

  1. Maximalism

While we’ve seen a lot this year of stripping back to minimalism, maximalism is the incredible opposite that many designers and decorators have fallen in love with. This style is not for the faint of heart, as it incorporates a variety of patterns, bright colours, and a surprising combination of furniture styles to create what can only be described as a stunning, organised chaos. This is a challenging style to perfect, so you will want to make sure you’re fully invested if this is a style that you want to replicate – but an excellent place to start is leopard print!

Some gorgeous trends have come to light this year, and we can’t wait to see what 2021 brings!

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