Zinc House by OB Architecture

Zinc House by OB Architecture

Architects: Olly Bray of OB Architecture
Location: Lymington, Hants, UK
Year: 2011
Area: 2,507 sqft
Photo courtesy: Martin Gardner

We were given the sort of brief most youthful yearning hones long for: to outline a contemporary house in a brilliant area disregarding the ocean. The turn here was that the house must be very open whilst keeping away from the “regulated” feel that numerous homes for individuals with hindered versatility once in a while experience the ill effects of.


The site gave us a couple challenges. Above all else, it was set between 2 customary, low lying thatched cabins that were distinguished by the organizers as being of building importance in the neighborhood. Furthermore, the perspectives out to ocean were just achievable at first floor level, and thirdly, the front, less-private side to the plot confronted south significance there would be a contention between the street and the proposed garden that would front onto it.


Taking after beginning dialogs with the organizers we built up a system inside of which we could assemble; we added to an idea of 4 interlocking structures that would give the convenience the customers required, whilst regarding the size of the cabins either side and the essential perspectives they gave to the town.


We proposed a long direct timber clad structure at first floor, set over a light weight coated segment beneath, and a white rendered wing to the side with an anticipating carport toward the end to make an inviting passageway patio.


The creation is “tied down” to the site by a twofold stature passage corridor that is clad on the outside in dull dark zinc. Regardless of the touchy way of the site, the organizers were extremely open to our contemporary methodology.


We turned the conventional thought of the house ‘upside down’ by putting the huge open arrangement kitchen/living/lounge area at first floor so that Mike and Linda could exploit the exquisite perspectives out over the Christchurch Bay amid the day whilst cooking, eating and unwinding.


At ground floor, a ‘sun room’ to the front of the house opens out to a secured front garden that is flanked to the street by a tall rendered divider with fun loving space openings, and to the garage by direct grower to make a sunny and disconnected and private outside space.


The rooms are orchestrated around an extensive twofold stature passageway corridor through which rises a bespoke crippled lift. As opposed to concealing the lift inside of a discrete shaft, we took the choice at an opportune time to praise the vertical development through the house by making a bespoke shaft that is interested in the front room and foyer beneath. We figured out how to source a rich and reasonably valued stage lift from Austria that we embedded into the pole. The outcome is something that we couldn’t have accomplished through an off-the-rack arrangement and is one of the genuine triumphs of the task.


The dividers were intensely protected and fixed to make a very proficient super structure. An air source heat pump gives the warming and boiling hot water and a mechanical ventilation and warmth recuperation framework all through the house recoups the warmth from the kitchen and bathrooms to give warm natural air in the winter months.


The open way of the house makes it an extremely agreeable and charming spot to be: you can be cooking upstairs whilst talking to somebody down the stairs through the coated balustrade around the twofold stature space.


The broad ranges of coating give a consistent indication of the sensational and constantly changing climate in this uncovered area: the dappled daylight gets through the trees into the kitchen in the morning; the downpour showers down on the huge rooflights over the eating territory amid the day; and the sun sets over the ocean at night, filling the living zone with an orange gleam caught by the expansive confined window toward the west.

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