UGears Steampunk Clock: Unusual Wooden Model

UGears Steampunk Clock: Unusual Wooden Model

Just imagine that you have a chance to create a beautiful décor element for your home or office interior yourself. Handmade accessories are such a rarity in the modern world. Any item that you spent your time and energy on is not just a decoration. It is a very valuable memory. If you are interested in such a memorable and unique accessory, UGears 3d puzzles for adults are a great choice for you. One of their most popular models, Steampunk Clocks, will exceed your expectations.


Characteristics of Steampunk Clock  

UGears Steampunk Clock is an excellent pattern for those who love steam-powered mechanic systems. This wooden mechanical sample has an open-style design. So, you have the possibility to enjoy the working principle of gears and levers. This real motion effect is available because this model is a mechanical puzzle that works as a real thing.

Steampunk Clock is created of 100% eco-friendly plywood, which looks good, has an amazing wooden scent, and is pleasant to touch. All details are carefully prepared; so, you do not need scissors, glue, and adhesive tape for the construction process.

The Peculiarities of UGears Wooden Model Kits

UGears produces high-quality 3d wooden model kits appropriate for adults, teenagers, and kids. It is possible to buy UGears model in the USA and get a delivery.

All UGears mechanical models have these features:

  • only natural materials are used for manufacture (wood and plywood)
  • the assembly process is simple and engaging
  • all models are copies of real-life mechanisms

Moreover, you can choose the complexity level, which depends on the number of assembling details and specifics of the construction.

Besides the Steampunk Clock model, UGears offers a lot of diverse samples. The UGears unique catalog of 3d puzzles includes different cars, vessels, trains, buildings, mechanisms, animals, and accessories.

The most popular are Hurdy-Gurdy, Dream Cabriolet VM-05, Locomotive, Treasure Box, Horse Mechanoid, Grand Prix Car, Safe, Combine Harvester, Fire Truck, Flower Ballerina.

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