6 Wood Flooring Hacks To Make It Last Longer

6 Wood Flooring Hacks To Make It Last Longer


If you have hardwood flooring, it could ensure a lasting first impression, impart warmth to any room, and boost the overall value of your home. If you want your floor to stay pristine for years to come, you have to provide proper care and regular maintenance.  The best way to keep your hardwood flooring in top shape is to prevent damage and familiarize yourself with strategies to make the upkeep manageable. To keep your hardwood flooring in optimum condition and last for a long time, here are wood flooring hacks you need to know.


  1. Use The Correct Cleaner

As part of regular maintenance, it’s crucial to use the appropriate cleaner for your hardwood flooring. If you find it challenging to choose one amid the vast choices available on the market, you need to find out if your options are truly effective. Various products depend on waxes or oils to impart shine. Many produce an appealing effect but eventually lead to the breaking down of the floor finish over time, resulting in the need for sanding and refinishing.

Look for a cleaning agent with a formulation that could eliminate dirt and reveal the natural beauty of the wood. One way to make your search manageable is to check out products specially formulated for hardwood. Select a nontoxic, mild formula if you have pets or young children in constant exposure to the floor. If you want your wide plank flooring to last longer, using the appropriate cleaner would work wonders in preserving its appearance and prolonging its lifespan.

6 Wood Flooring Hacks To Make It Last Longer

  1. Create A Regular Cleaning Routine

Once you have the right cleaner, develop a regular cleaning routine to keep your hardwood flooring in good shape. Make sure to sweep up debris and dirt to minimize scratching and use a vacuum cleaner suitable for wood floors to lift away any leftover waste.

You should have several soft towels on hand to deal with spills right away. If you leave water on the floor for some time, it could cause damage.

Clean the floor with a dry mop and utilize the cleaner of your choice to eliminate the dirt and grime. After this task, your hardwood flooring will truly shine.

  1. Eliminate Any Floor Scuffs

Once you spot any floor scuffs on the floor, a cleaning hack to try out is using a magic eraser. If you don’t want to see any dark streaks on your floor, use a magic eraser to scrub them away.

When there are evident scratches on the floor, you can prepare a mixture of vinegar and canola oil. Buff the solution into the site, and you might see a difference right away.

6 Wood Flooring Hacks To Make It Last Longer

  1. Modify Your Furniture

Hardwood flooring truly stands out in the dining and kitchen. Sadly, the continuous scraping of chairs and tables could damage the finish over time. One way to prevent damage to the floor is to invest in adhesive felt pads or gliders for your furniture. You can place these on the base of chairs or the feet of tables. There are also permanent gliders you can nail in place so they won’t slip off.

As for large furniture, you can make use of felt glides, which you can snap in place. These glides would protect your hardwood floor while making it manageable to move large furniture during cleaning or rearranging.

  1. Remove Shoes Before Entering Your Home

Shoes can bring dirt and debris inside your home even if you meticulously wipe your feet before going inside. As these particles continue to come in contact with your hardwood floor, they could result in scratches and scuffs on the finish. High heels are the culprit for dents on floors.

You could avoid these issues by removing your shoes before going inside. You can place a shoe tray or rug by the entrance of your door. Make sure to also request guests to take off their shoes if they’re dropping by.

  1. Utilize Mats And Rugs

Another option to protect your floor, especially in high-traffic areas or rooms where spills are likely to occur, is using mats, throw rugs, or runners:

  • Add mats by the sink area and near kitchen counters where you prepare food.
  • Position runners in high-traffic areas in your home.
  • Adding a welcome mat outside the main door will encourage your household and visitors to wipe their shoes before entering. Don’t forget to place a small rug inside to prevent any leftover dirt from entering the house.

As part of routine maintenance for your rugs and mats, clean thoroughly underneath them to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating over time.

Conclusion – wood flooring hacks

Hardwood flooring could impart timeless elegance to your home. If you want to keep your floor pristine and in good shape for long years, regular care and maintenance are crucial. With the help of these valuable hacks, you could ensure your hardwood stays clean and in good shape for many years to come.

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