Half-Slope House by Denis Joelsons & Gabriela Baraúna Uchida

Half-Slope House by Denis Joelsons & Gabriela Baraúna Uchida

Architects: Denis JoelsonsGabriela Baraúna Uchida
Location: São Francisco Xavier, Brazil
Year: 2013
Area: 1,238 ft²/ 115 m²
Photo courtesy: Pedro Kok

Based upon the holding divider which areas a slope incline, this present house’s geometry shows the experience between the regular ascent of the landscape and a synthetic level. Most importantly, the development lies in the crossing point of common landscape and human territory.


Situated in the edges of São Francisco Xavier, a little town in the wide open of the State of São Paulo, Brazil, the parcel is a lofty territory, as it is a piece of the mountain edge that contains Serra da Mantiqueira. The part had a level from a previous development, later annihilated to give space for the new house. One of the difficulties of the task was to discover the way to incorporate the level for the new house.


A standard arrangement would be to erect it altogether on the current leveled ground, contained to the previous border. Be that as it may, this would impede all space accessible for open air exercises, and with regards to a nation home, outside relaxation zones are as essential as the inside.


The arrangement was to manufacture it half-slope.Placing the rooms and bathrooms on an upper level inside of the climbing slant whilst holding just part of the level for the ground-leveled lounge room and kitchen guarantees the vast majority of the level bit of the area is committed to outside recreation use. An extensive sliding entryway permits the feasting table to be moved outside for an outdoors lunch or excursion, which advance grows the potential outcomes of social exercises to the outside.


Three rooms and bathrooms possess the upper floor, which is encased by the inclined landscape. As opposed to the open space shared territories, the rooms are little, encased spaces. They likewise have their own entrance to the outside, so a guest can step straightforwardly outside his room and feel the grass underneath his feet without crossing the whole house.


There is goal in the configuration to make various spacial sensations, which vary from what one as a rule encounters in ordinary life in a city condo. The assembled geology results in various statures and a heap of pathways all through the space. There’s a round of scale detectable at first contact: the hoisted mid level which offers access to the raised rooms, adjoining the holding divider, makes the development appear to be littler and lower than it is indeed. This view of scale movements as one wanders along the length of the primary divider.


The edge of the rooftop alludes to that of the territory, in profile like the first scene. Restricted to this delicate signal, the holding divider is the most grounded articulation of the ventures goals. Its length is very nearly three times that of the house itself, as it extends of the encased space, growing diverse levels and giving distinctive uses to the outside.


The flight of stairs, which ties the principle divider to highest, is reflected outside the house. Here, the glass entryways, discernible when one plummets the stairs, inspire a blended condition of reflection and straightforwardness. In this play of transparent and reflection, the inside presents itself as a minor fragment – sometimes secured – of a greatly expanded development.


In its substance, the undertaking spins around the demonstration of building a house converged with its site; not as a copy of nature, but rather as something that feels profoundly established in its honorable spot.

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