Chic Classic Apartment in Paris by Minacciolo

Chic Classic Apartment in Paris by Minacciolo

Architects: Minacciolo
Location: Paris, France
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Minacciolo

English Mood gathering, for quite a long time the lead brand of Minacciolo, has constantly exhibited an awesome adaptability of utilization, every time it keeps on joining an adoration for exemplary and nation chic styles, ideal for those searching for a chic line, which is refined, yet never over the top.


It is to nothing unexpected that, in the most rich city in Europe, a home completely outfitted with furniture from our accumulation has been found: in the heart of Paris, between the fabulous structures of the Rue de Sevres, there is a concealed little jewel. In a prestigious condo described by high put dividers, a domain of awesome magnificence has been made.


A domain where every bit of furniture structures an astounding setting, an aftereffect of the Minacciolo style: from the decorations to the lights, every room has been outlined in point of interest. It’s anything but difficult to be spellbound by the appeal of this spot, where one inhales the genuinely Parisian climate, such heavenliness made conceivable on account of the exceptional capacity to consolidate every one of the items from the English Mood accumulation.


The kitchen, for instance, is the room where innovation mixes consummately with convention, on account of the establishment of the astonishing furniture with a treated wood and the exceptionally most recent in electrical apparatuses. The beds in the rooms are truth be told the genuine focal pieces, with an overhang or with an upholstered head board, not just do they guarantee the ideal night’s rest, yet when joined by the ivory white cupboards, from the low tables and the various extras, they all make this room really one of a kind and agreeable.


The restroom truly communicates a semi provincial flavor, emerging from perfect and direct shapes which are diverted in the differentiation between the vintage-viewpoint bathtub and the ultra-cutting edge shower. Here is the manner by which our accumulation can translate and render valid for those with respectable longings, searching for mindful to detail and an ageless taste in stylistic layout. There is nothing left to risk , even the delicate shades of the upholstery are composed with the mind blowing furniture and the excellent pastel shades of the wood framing: the outcome is a triumph of polish and appeal that upgrades the nature of English Mood , the genuine hero of great decorations in a contemporary way.

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