3 Awesome Entryway Design Hacks

3 Awesome Entryway Design Hacks

The entryway into our home can sometimes leave people with the wrong first impression. It is easy for the entrance to our home to become cluttered with coats and shoes, and accessories like umbrellas and winter hats.

Entryways can be tricky to get right. They are often just a small area, like a porch or the first part of a hallway, yet we need to keep a clear path so people can move through while still having a place for everything.

Luckily, there are a few clever design hacks we can use in any space to help tidy up the entry to our home, give it a great and welcome look and feel, and find new ways to use an often-overlooked part of our home. Here are three awesome entryway design hacks that anyone can try for themselves.

Get Organized with Some Smart Storage

It can be hard to fit everything into a small porch or entryway, and if you only have hooks on the wall or an old coat stand, then you will often be picking up fallen coats or stepping over outdoor shoes. With a few simple additions, you can find a place for everything.

On a flat wall, you can use two floating shelves, placed high and low, to define a coat space, and add hooks to the wall or a rail beneath the top shelf. You now have space for shoes above and beneath the bottom shelf, space for winter hats and gloves on the top shelf, and a clear space for coats and jackets in between.

Change the Look, Sound and Scent of Your Entryway

A fresh, bright coat of paint can radically change the look and feel of an entryway. Using light colors can make a small space feel larger, and make better use of any natural light.

Don’t stop there though. Think about changing your doorbell to a more modern unit that offers a range of chimes. There are several nice wireless doorbell chimes that can literally help set the tone of your home when visitors call.

It is also worth adding some plants to bring the outside in and add a little seasonal color. They can also serve an extra purpose in helping to regulate the scent of your porch or entryway. Outdoor shoes and winter wools can often get musty over time and can give your entryway, and your clothes, an unwanted smell. Seasonal flowers and even herbs are a great way to keep a fresh-looking entryway smelling fresh too.

Turn Old Bookcases into Home Lockers

Families often struggle for storage in an entry, and the next battle comes in getting the kids to put their coats and shoes away and not leave them on the floor.

Bookcases can make great ‘home lockers’ that give children a place to put their coats and bags and whatever else away, just like they do at school. You can even personalize them a little, which brings some of the family’s character into the entry of your home.

The entryway to our home is where we welcome our guests, and is the first thing waiting for us when we get home from a hard day at work or a long trip away. Having a tidy, fresh and bright entry to our home ensures that not only do our guests and visitors have a pleasant welcome to our homes, but we do too.

It doesn’t take much effort to change the look and feel, and the sound and scent, of our home’s entryway. The first impression we make to visitors is very important, and when it comes to selling a home, that first impression could add value and pay for the investment you make.

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