8 Ways to Make Your Bedroom the Coziest Place in Your House

8 Ways to Make Your Bedroom the Coziest Place in Your House

A bedroom should not feel like too much work. It should not be the place you feel you have to go to because it is bedtime. Instead, your bedroom should feel like the happiest place in your house. You should get excited by the very thought of going to bed.

However, for it to be all that and more, you have to be intentional about the things you invite into your bedroom. Other than bringing family photos and your favorite doll, making it cozy requires so much more. Here are eight ways you can make this happen for yourself:

  1. Get a super comfortable mattress

The number one place to start fixing your bedroom is the mattress. Manufacturers have gone all the way out to come up with the best non toxic mattress, so why should you compromise? Get yourself a mattress that comfortably molds to the shape of your body without causing joint and back pains. This means that it should not be too firm or too soft.

  1. Add several pillows

Pillows immediately introduce comfort in any space. You want to get the good quality pillows that are soft for your body. Do not hesitate to use more than two pillows, because when it comes to pillows, the more the merrier. Experiment with different sizes of pillows, and also colors. While at it, find pillows with cover textures.

  1. Fuzzy mat

A fuzzy mat on the floor may not be where you fall asleep every night, but it sure does transition your bedroom into a cozy space. When you walk into your bedroom, having your feet walk through a fuzzy rag prepares your body and mind for a cozy sleeping experience.

  1. Add a bedside lamp

Much as you want your room to be dark when you fall asleep, you need it to be functional. You can read through your favorite book minutes before you sleep, which makes sense that you have a bedside lamp. This way, you don’t have to deal with the frustration out of your cozy bed to turn the light off.

  1. Fireplace

While this tip may not apply to everyone, a fireplace is an excellent way to invite an extra warm and cozy atmosphere in your bedroom, more so for people leaving in cold areas. During the winter would be just the perfect time to have the fireplace warm you up as you read a book and prepare for bed.

  1. Paint your room

The walls of your bedroom play a significant role in tying together the interior décor of the space. Ideally, you want to choose colors or patterns wisely, particularly ones that make your room feel warner and darker. Instead of bright colors like lime green, try rich colors like reds, oranges, yellows, or earth tones.

  1. Play around with the curtains

The drapes you choose will go a long way in making your room sleep-friendly, not to mention, cozy. The drapes will help keep out the lights when it’s time to go to bed. Other than that, they need to be of the right colors so as to complement the whole décor of the room.

  1. Hang string lights

If you are looking for a little magic in your room to work with all the effort you have put forth in the rest of the room, then hanging string lights can be your solution. Depending on the colors of your wall, the string lights will introduce a feeling of comfort and emulate the stars in the sky.

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