Luxury Mediteranean CView Villa in St. Jean Cap Ferrat

Luxury Mediteranean CView Villa in  St. Jean Cap Ferrat

Location: St. Jean Cap Ferrat, France
Price: €10,000-€27,500 per week
Photo courtesy: Firefly Collection

A glass box in the sky. That’s one way to describe Villa CView in St Jean Cap Ferrat. Strikingly geometric and modern, much of this property is made of glass, and to be inside it is to feel like you’re hovering in the air above the ocean and the lush green mountainside.


CView is a multi-level property with interior and exterior lifts linking floors. Modern in décor, pale granite and cool-coloured soft furnishings meet warm wooden floors and inviting sofas. Almost everywhere you go, the view of the sea floods in through walls of glass.


Outside there’s plenty of space to play and a fabulous swimming pool surrounded by lush garden. You can dine right here if you like. As if one swimming area wasn’t enough, there’s also an indoor pool right next to a small gym area and sumptuous spa with Hammam, sauna, shower and massage room.


Dining at CView is a treat, with views of the ocean on three sides. And after dinner, the expansive lounge and huge flat-screen TV beckon (although you’ll still find it hard to tear your eyes away from the sea).

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