Luxury Small Apartment in Taipei by Studio Oj

Luxury Small Apartment in Taipei by Studio Oj

Architects: Studio Oj
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Year: 2014
Area: 850 sqft
Photo courtesy: Bass Lu

The apartment is 850 SF located in Taipei City, Taiwan, the purpose is to create 3 bedroom for the apartment. To opening up the space, we partly knocked down the corner wall and transfer it to a glass working desk area to make the space visually viewing deeper. And to open the space widely, the wine shelving present the role; it divided dining room and kids room.


Small Apartment can also be luxury; materials tells the story. In the living room, marble wall with titanium detail give a luxury touch to the space. Plush fabric sofa with hardwood floor delivered the warmth to the space.


At the bedroom the fashion trend pattern are blend into the space; the houndstooth, plaid and floral pattern wallcoverings were used in the bedroom walls. All these bring drama to the apartment.

Luxury-Small-Apartment-in-Taipei-studio-oj-04 Luxury-Small-Apartment-in-Taipei-studio-oj-05 Luxury-Small-Apartment-in-Taipei-studio-oj-06 Luxury-Small-Apartment-in-Taipei-studio-oj-07 Luxury-Small-Apartment-in-Taipei-studio-oj-08 Luxury-Small-Apartment-in-Taipei-studio-oj-09 Luxury-Small-Apartment-in-Taipei-studio-oj-10 Luxury-Small-Apartment-in-Taipei-studio-oj-11Luxury-Small-Apartment-in-Taipei-studio-oj-02 Luxury-Small-Apartment-in-Taipei-studio-oj-12 Luxury-Small-Apartment-in-Taipei-studio-oj-13

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