Kew House by Amber Hope Design

Kew House by Amber Hope Design

Architects: Amber Hope Design
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Amber Hope Design

Situated in one of Kews finest boulevards, the test with this site was its area on the South side of the road, alongside a noteworthy slant from front to back.


The new house has been planned and orientated in a manner that the patio now has a North West introduction. Building the house along the laneway has permitted vehicle get to straightforwardly off the path, wiping out the requirement for garaging at the front of the property in this way empowering more land be apportioned to private open space.


The current veneer is comprised of a progression of high contrast boxes surrounding windows and making profound breaks for inner and outer use. A broad utilization of glass confronting the vast porch, pool and grass range empowers all rooms to be outwardly joined with the greenery enclosure.

Kew-House-03 Kew-House-04 Kew-House-05 Kew-House-06 Kew-House-07 Kew-House-08 Kew-House-09 Kew-House-10 Kew-House-11 Kew-House-12 Kew-House-13 Kew-House-14 Kew-House-15 Kew-House-16 Kew-House-17 Kew-House-18

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