La Florida Residence by Otto Medem Architecture

La Florida Residence by Otto Medem Architecture

Architects: Otto Medem Architecture
Location: Madrid, Spain
Year: 2010
Photo courtesy: Otto Medem de la Torriente and Luis H. Segovia

The Florida’s home is a standout amongst the most illustrative venture in our office. From the earliest starting point of the task we realized that a standout amongst the most critical variables impacting the configuration, would be the area of the house.


The part was near the A6 expressway, an imperative street in Madrid, so the consistent commotion made it an uncomfortable spot for a home regardless of the area: a peaceful spot with bunches of vegetation. Accordingly the introduction was an essential component from the first plan.


From these thoughts and other stylish and useful segments, as per our office theory, the thought developed: THE PROTECTIVE ARM. We needed the house to capacity like arms that shield its clients from the outside commotion and from the cool north. The thought appeared in giving the house a two piece “L” shape that arranged far from the expressway and gets light and sun warmth from the southeast.


The undertaking’s outline, floors and shape advanced to what they are today, with a specific end goal to address the issues of the customer. The rooms were circulated in three levels. The ground floor and the upper floor were situated toward the patio nursery, however the storm cellar was semi-covered, so we outlined 3 yards to pull in light in this side of the house. The last result was exceedingly fulfilling, both for the client and our office.

La-Florida-04 La-Florida-05 La-Florida-06 La-Florida-07 La-Florida-08 La-Florida-09 La-Florida-10 La-Florida-12 La-Florida-13 La-Florida-14 La-Florida-15 La-Florida-16 La-Florida-17 La-Florida-18 La-Florida-19 La-Florida-20 La-Florida-21 La-Florida-22 La-Florida-24 La-Florida-30 La-Florida-31 La-Florida-32 La-Florida-33 La-Florida-34 La-Florida-35 La-Florida-36

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