Lantern Ridge House Perched at the top of a wooded knoll in the Hudson Valley by Studio MM Architect

Lantern Ridge House Perched at the top of a wooded knoll in the Hudson Valley by Studio MM Architect

Architects: Studio MM Architect
Location: Kerhonkson, New York, USA
Year: 2015
Area: 2.200 ft²/ m²
Photo courtesy: Brad Feinknopf

Roosted at the highest point of a lush meadow in the Hudson Valley, the Lantern Ridge House highlights mountain sees while disguising itself in the thickly forested environment. Around evening time, the normally darkened house turns into a signal for passing autos and a directing light for our toward home bound customers. The house is centered around a solitary social occasion space through which the 2,200 SF structure gets to be without a moment’s delay cozy and broad, private and open. Arranged to confront both dawn and dusk, this pivot point is made by the joining of two private wings that contain isolated lodging for our customers and their visitors. A constant wood roof protects an outside deck and the glass façade, which centers far reaching sees, associates the customers with the quick common habitat, and gives a reliably sunlit space.


The venture’s solid association with the earth gave chances to use materials and advances that would improve and manage the very nature from which the house draws its quality. The calculated rooftop amplifies sunshine in winter and minimizes sun based warming in summer, while deliberately set windows and entryways permit summer winds to cool the house. In-floor brilliant warmth and a productive wood stove keep the home comfortable amid cold upstate winters. The pine roof and dull siding, which coordinate the house inside of the encompassing backwoods, were sourced from a nearby plant, and the solid floors give a sturdy completion. The gateway to the house brags a handmade seat produced using a tree in the past on the property—planned by the designer and worked by the temporary workers, the seat epitomizes the aggregate soul of the house.


The essential objective of the undertaking was to make a home that reacts to and upgrades its regular surroundings while taking into account the adaptable needs of a customer that aches for both private reflection and social engagement.

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