Finchley Loft near London by Satish Jassal Architects

Finchley Loft near London by Satish Jassal Architects

Architects: Satish Jassal Architects
Location: Finchley, London, England
Year: 2016
Area: 560 ft²/ 52 m²
Construction cost: £60,000
Photo courtesy: Satish Jassal Architects

Satish Jassal Architects have finished a space transformation in Finchley, Barnet, which has added 30% additional oor range to a semi-disconnected house. The brief was to make an expansive home of ce, silver screen space, with a shower room that could likewise fill in as a main room at a future date. We invested much energy with the customer seeing how the room would be utilized as a part of the present and the future, which permitted us to precisely plan and detail every component reasonably.


An extensive bespoke oak window watches out to the back patio nursery and scene past. This east-bound window is shaded by plates of anodised aluminum. A L formed window bends over as a rooftop light, bringing daylight into the center of the room. The glass to glass corner of the L shape window permits the customer to have continuous perspectives to the in nite sky, and gives the room a sentiment being much bigger than it is.


Bespoke oak confronted plywood joinery wraps around the room. The joinery changes from a vast work area into shower room vanity units and afterward into low level and tall stockpiling incorporated with the roof. A seat is set into the tall stockpiling, permitting the customer to watch out of the L shape window to the sky and scene past. The edges of the plywood are left uncovered and fused inside of the outline where conceivable. A neglected space has been totally changed, opening it genuine quality.

Finchley-Loft-near-London-by-Satish-Jassal-Architects-03 Finchley-Loft-near-London-by-Satish-Jassal-Architects-04 Finchley-Loft-near-London-by-Satish-Jassal-Architects-05 Finchley-Loft-near-London-by-Satish-Jassal-Architects-06 Finchley-Loft-near-London-by-Satish-Jassal-Architects-07 Finchley-Loft-near-London-by-Satish-Jassal-Architects-08 Finchley-Loft-near-London-by-Satish-Jassal-Architects-09 Finchley-Loft-near-London-by-Satish-Jassal-Architects-10 Finchley-Loft-near-London-by-Satish-Jassal-Architects-11

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