The Half house by SU Architects

This project is named as the “half” house, because it is all about a “half” concept. Half soil with half wood, half new spaces with half old construction, half about space and half about time, there is no values comparison. From the outside, the lower part is formed by rammed earth wall and the upper part is new added glasses; from the inside, under feet is new concrete floor and above head is old wooden roof trusses. The new and the old are not in a relationship of mutual concessions, confrontation, nor primary and secondary, they are more like a wonderful symbiosis, you have me and I have you. As the concept of drama “Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land “, two different plays expressed different time and space showing on one same stage. At the same time staged, and dialogue with each other.

If treat the “half” house as a drama play, the new constructed part is the carefully built stage art for the story; and the old time rammed earth walls and wooden structures, they are no longer play the original role, but the dancer in the spotlight, the successor of time, and the narrator for the story. When the audience get into the theater, living in the interpretation of actors and stage art scenery, a perception of time crossing rising from the dramatic sense. Thus, the “Half” house, transformed as a “companion”.”

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