Extension Maliebaan Utrecht by Zecc Architecten

Extension Maliebaan Utrecht by Zecc Architecten

Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: StijnStijl

The house on the Maliebaan in Utrecht has undergone a metamorphosis. The whole house had been used as office space for quite some time, but now reclaimed its original function.


At the rear, over the full width of the house a high expansion is built. The sliding doors are custom made and have an unprecedented height of up to 3.7 meters (12 feet) high.


At the location of the connection of the extension to the old house we kept the old contour of the house visible in the ceiling. That way, on eye level all the space is visually connected, but because of the ceiling it gives a feeling of more intimate spots. They determine the space.

Extension-Maliebaan-Utrecht-03 Extension-Maliebaan-Utrecht-04 Extension-Maliebaan-Utrecht-05 Extension-Maliebaan-Utrecht-06 Extension-Maliebaan-Utrecht-07 Extension-Maliebaan-Utrecht-08 Extension-Maliebaan-Utrecht-09 Extension-Maliebaan-Utrecht-10 Extension-Maliebaan-Utrecht-11 Extension-Maliebaan-Utrecht-12

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