River Bank by Balance Associates Architects

River Bank by Balance Associates Architects

Architects: Balance Associates Architects
Location: Big Sky, Montana, USA
Year: 2009
Area: 3400 sqft / 316 sqft
Photo courtesy: Steve Keating Photography

The River Bank House sits along the Gallatin River simply outside Big Sky, Montana. The customers affection to excite, so the house was set up to make a transparent climate with an in number association with the outside. The house is arranged toward the best perspective of the waterway while keeping up great sun oriented introduction for exploiting sun oriented warmth pick up in the winter and keeping out the hot summer sun.

0612 Gallatin River House-Balance-01

The extensive rooftop over the lounge serves to shade vast territories of glass in the mid year, while geothermal warmth pumps and large amounts of protection help keep it warm and vitality effective in the winter. In such an amazing atmosphere the house was particularly intended to withstand both extremes of the temperature range.

0612 Gallatin River House-Balance-02

The house is isolated into the principle living range and the visitor wing. The visitor territory is planned so it can be closed off from whatever is left of the house when vacant and set back to a lower temperature when not being used. Also, the two wings of the house twist with a specific end goal to catch the best perspectives of the waterway and make an ensured passage patio.

0612 Gallatin River House-Balance-03 0612 Gallatin River House-Balance-04 0612 Gallatin River House-Balance-05 0612 Gallatin River House-Balance-11 0612 Gallatin River House-Balance-15 0612 Gallatin River House-Balance-16 0612 Gallatin River House-Balance-19 0612 Gallatin River House-Balance-20_1 0612 Gallatin River House-Balance-23 0612 Gallatin River House-Balance-29 0612 Gallatin River House-Balance-31 0612 Gallatin River House-Balance-33

J_M_River Bank House 11 J_M_River Bank House 10

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