Libertango Room of The Designers Hotel in Seoul, South Korea designed by Seungmo Lim

Libertango Room of The Designers Hotel in Seoul, South Korea designed by Seungmo Lim

Architects: Seungmo Lim
Location: Hotel The DesignersSeoul, South Korea
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Kyungsub Shin

“Libertango” is one of the rooms of a boutique inn situated at Gangnam in Seoul. The thought process of this room was from a lady moving tango, a matador sitting tight for a duel and a dark bull. The picture of tempting vacillating of the red dress that wraps around dark tuxedo, a matador in a ravishing Traje De Luces (Suit of Light) enlivened with brilliant weaving and a dark bull gazing at Muelta (red fabric holding tight a stick utilized by a matador) and kicking the dim red ground mirrors the enthusiasm and pressure of a minute dense with solid hues and vitality.


The contorted stainless divider that individuals goes up against subsequent to opening the entryway from the hallway and the white lighting roof is a nonpartisan zone as a spatial gadget that makes hard to make sense of its connection and a space that seems as though it close off time and space. At the point when going into the room going through the passage burrow, individuals can feel the solid directional property of inclining lines that overwhelm the space, the space that forces request for every zone against such directional property and the tremor of space produced by developmental dialect and shading and material property. Through the light that accentuates the areal and developmental perspective, the normal for space is more uncovered and the brilliant window ornament streaming along the roof is partitioning space, making another space or incorporating easily the space that overwhelms the slanting lines.


The stainless steel passageway passage is intersection the red glass mass (completing the floor, roof and divider altogether with red glass and red glass tile). The profundity sentiment L-shape shower room gives a solace to clients and the music grandly included with the reverberation created by the type of the space is another present. The portable table made of steel is intended to be put into the dark divider. The white table ascending from the white floor is incorporated into the divider.


Elevated Rooftop Lounge_ Roof Garden

Housetop Lounge of the Hotel the Designers profits by the distinction in level permitting open field of perspective. In any case, wall worked out of obscure materials constrained the field of perspective. Solicitation of the structure proprietor was to have spaces serving various exercises, for example, wellness and bistro. To expand favorable position of open space while keeping every segment to secure its motivation, the inside stage is raised to build up Aerial Rooftop Lounge. Augmentation and partition of materials and change of level distinction has been intentionally wanted to advance create usefulness and finish of outline.


Urban Cabin_ Public Open Space

The idea of Urban Cabin is to give a desert spring amidst city called Gangnam. To be practical paying little heed to climate, the Cabin is worked alongside pilotis. Guided by secretive wooden decks, individuals are welcome to the Cabin. General state of the Cabin is a type of a house expecting to give guests feel as they a chance to have achieved a home which is the image of unwinding and happiness. Halfway worked with wooden segments, the Cabin permits one to feel as freed from dividers and squares of cement of city while one is not very far from reality.


Intelligent surface of the roof augments the sentiment space bigger than it is. Semi-round glow connected by barely unmistakable strings executes as stars of the Cabin giving colorful experience. Against glass dividers that permit perspective of inn hall is sprinkled with light sources which frame a divider which limits every side as various space.

libertango-room-of-the-designers-hotel-in-seoul-south-korea-designed-by-seungmo-lim-06 libertango-room-of-the-designers-hotel-in-seoul-south-korea-designed-by-seungmo-lim-07 libertango-room-of-the-designers-hotel-in-seoul-south-korea-designed-by-seungmo-lim-08 libertango-room-of-the-designers-hotel-in-seoul-south-korea-designed-by-seungmo-lim-09 libertango-room-of-the-designers-hotel-in-seoul-south-korea-designed-by-seungmo-lim-10 libertango-room-of-the-designers-hotel-in-seoul-south-korea-designed-by-seungmo-lim-11 libertango-room-of-the-designers-hotel-in-seoul-south-korea-designed-by-seungmo-lim-12 libertango-room-of-the-designers-hotel-in-seoul-south-korea-designed-by-seungmo-lim-13 libertango-room-of-the-designers-hotel-in-seoul-south-korea-designed-by-seungmo-lim-14 libertango-room-of-the-designers-hotel-in-seoul-south-korea-designed-by-seungmo-lim-15 libertango-room-of-the-designers-hotel-in-seoul-south-korea-designed-by-seungmo-lim-16 libertango-room-of-the-designers-hotel-in-seoul-south-korea-designed-by-seungmo-lim-17 libertango-room-of-the-designers-hotel-in-seoul-south-korea-designed-by-seungmo-lim-18 libertango-room-of-the-designers-hotel-in-seoul-south-korea-designed-by-seungmo-lim-19 libertango-room-of-the-designers-hotel-in-seoul-south-korea-designed-by-seungmo-lim-20 libertango-room-of-the-designers-hotel-in-seoul-south-korea-designed-by-seungmo-lim-21

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