The Richmond House by Morris Partnership

The Richmond House by Morris Partnership

Architects: Morris Partnership
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Area: 2,841 sqft
Photo courtesy: Christopher Ott and Shania Shegedyn

Reacting strongly to these difficulties, the Architect has grasped the varied’s best neighborhood and commended the pressure of this inward city area.

Richmond-House-01The house is emphatic in its vicinity however not commanding. It adds to the essentialness and enthusiasm of the territory.


The front façade is indented to give an ensured section and to empower perspectives of the Victorian cabin. Extensive screens forestall intrusive perspectives into the house inside. Rooms spin around defensive patios and decks. Rich greenery enclosures – watered from on location tanks – have been set up. These tanks additionally water the nearby pads’ facing to make a thriving greenhouse rather than the beforehand dismissed patch of soil.


The peppercorn tree is without given rein. It is an enticing, lavish, green cover ensuring security. Its survival has been improved by the diverting of ground water into its roots. A stacked stone divider along the section way hides downpour water tanks for the greenhouses. The divider likewise holds compartments of grasses and orchids which course over the stone at head stature.


The house structure is basic and rectilinear. The outside completions are textured concrete sheet, rusted corten steel, spotted gum timber, punctured metal, Alucobond and woven metal cross section. Rich tans and reds balance unequivocally with the concrete’s dark sheet. The shiny completion of aluminum is improved by the crude’s pressure woven metal cross section. Light moves through the lattice to delicately channel light to the ground floor rooms.


The inconspicuous materials palette has been intentionally limited remotely and depends on layering and straightforwardness to make a feeling of both slipperiness and differentiating profundity. The outer completions enter into the building and are highlighted by the specific utilization of inside hues and completes – including strong European Ash flooring, feasible timber polishes, Australian stone and red goat hair rug. All “Isobar” and “Rainstorm” tapware utilized as a part of the building has been composed by the Architect.


A rectilinear structure is used to make inside spaces which stream into one another and moderate against the slender’s effect, tight site. Vast coated ranges open to the patios and decks. The wide exhibition, liberal rooms, joined kitchen and living range, outside regions and the showy focal yard upgrade the sentiment an open situation.


The Architect has effectively embedded the building into the blended notable area. The house’s inside is private, calm and outwardly energizing. It gives an asylum in the midst of the activity and force of the prompt environments.

Richmond-House-07 Richmond-House-08 Richmond-House-09 Richmond-House-10 Richmond-House-11 Richmond-House-12 Richmond-House-13

This inner city site confronted the Architect, Michael Morris, , with a number of challenges:

  • Overlooking on three sides.
  • An adjacent Victorian cottage to the west boundary.
  • A barren three storey block of flats to the east boundary.
  • Restrictive heritage controls exercised by the local government.
  • A small site size of 2,841square feet.
  • A mature peppercorn tree tumbling over the frontage from the adjacent site.


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