Haus Neufert by Gatermann + Schossig

Haus Neufert by Gatermann + Schossig

Architects: Gatermann + Schossig
Location: Cologne, Germany
Year: 2013
Area: 237 sqm
Photos: Jens WillebrandGatermann + Schossig

The undertaking close by was to develop another, one-individual building contiguous the X1 legacy ensured house that was assembled by Peter Neufert in 1959-62. The house expected to give obstruction free openness and highlight an independent flat, which could later be utilized by a carer.


The outline idea includes the redevelopment the current surface of the old tennis court and the development of a solitary story cubical house, from which two segments are removed, lifted and turned onto their rooftops. Arranged on the even surface, this configuration highlights two high rooms that make volume, give wide perspectives into the recreation center and let the sun sparkle into the house from a few sides.


The office rooms are situated toward the north-west keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee sound and vitality security in the city side of the building. This constitutes the shut development of the north façade. The coated south front, which principally confronts the greenhouse and the legacy building, is shaped by the two cut out building segments and their patios. The homogenous metal façade produces a free, unpretentious complexity to the generally chromatic X1 house. The flush fitted windows include toward a smooth and quiet general creation.


The inside is suffused with light and, because of the blending rooms, gives a large number of straightforward points of view and perspectives of nature and the sky. In spite of the decrease of the surface range to suit the utilization related measurements, the rooms pass on a feeling of variable and intriguing roominess, which is bolstered by both the multifaceted observable pathways and the sun and light conditions that change alongside the individual child and time of day.


The material and mechanical idea connects with the acknowledgment of a comprehensively arranged configuration. An all around composed vitality idea, with solid center cooling, air, water and warmth pump and controlled living space ventilation, guarantees the procurement of a low-vitality house standard. Decreased subtle elements, highlighting white dividers against a copper red, cast floor, make the premise for a tasteful room that encourages an exclusive requirement of indoor environment quality.

Haus-Neufert-by-Gatermann-Schossig-05 Haus-Neufert-by-Gatermann-Schossig-06 Haus-Neufert-by-Gatermann-Schossig-07 Haus-Neufert-by-Gatermann-Schossig-08 Haus-Neufert-by-Gatermann-Schossig-09 Haus-Neufert-by-Gatermann-Schossig-10

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