The Sonora House with Bold Folds and Clean Seams

A young team of moscow-based architects and visualizers imagine a vibrant and monumental residence in the Sonoran desert of Mexico. The designers, Davit Jilavyan and Mary Jilavyan collaborated with a client from Mexico who envisioned a one family residence expressive of minimal geometries and bold finishes while avoiding the simply colored box with windows’ housing style. While the team didn’t want to invent something entirely new, they worked toward generating a harmonious combination of color and form. The resulting proposed volume is characterized by sculpturally pitched roofs, boldly blocked hues, and irregular windows. The folding form maintains clean, uninterrupted seams resulting from an internal gutter system at the roof’s edges.

Sonara House

The design team — Davit Jilavyan and Mary Jilavyan — aimed to avoid the use of standard punch windows in the design of the proposed Sonora house. Introducing an element of irregularity, the windows are scattered and expressed in different shapes and dimensions. Alongside the custom design, this solution allows light to penetrate all rooms of the house. The project ultimately reflects the brightly colored, minimal geometries of classic modernist mexican architecture. The team comments: ‘unfortunately, at some stage the project was suspended, but we were passionate about the idea of this concept, so we completed it.’

Sonara House

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