Pests That Will Mess Up Your Interiors

Pests That Will Mess Up Your Interiors

For sure, nobody would want to share their home with pests because apart from the health risks they bring, pests are annoying. But have you ever wondered what types of these creatures love making your home their home too? Read on to find out some pests that will mess up your interiors and how to avoid them.

1. Ants

While ants typically reside outside your home, you may find them inside from time to time, especially when they are in search for food. There are instances wherein they nest inside your home, particularly in hollow areas between moist wood. This is the reason why you may find them underneath your couch, or in your wood floors. To get rid of ants, seal off where they enter first and clean up food traces or residue in their pathways. With this, there is a great chance that they will not be able to find their way back. When the situation with ants becomes unmanageable, it is wise to contemplate seeking professional ant removal services.

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2. Spider Crickets

Also known as camel crickets, the habitat of these pests is in dark and damp places. They might live in your basement or in the hollow space between your roof and your ceiling. The most irritating thing about these pests is that they eat fabric such as carpets or rugs, apart from plants. Before these can truly mess up your interiors, you might want to keep your basement dry and well-lit and even invest in a humidifier.

3. Cockroaches

You can find cockroaches first and foremost in your kitchen, where food scraps are usually present. These typically lurk in the dark to feed. Although roaches don’t directly destroy your interiors physically, these carry E-coli and salmonella that pose a significant risk to your health. If you ever see one inside your home, there is a great possibility that there are already more of them around. In these instances, perhaps a proper pest control service is already needed to exterminate cockroaches in your home. After which, make sure to maintain the hygiene in your home by cleaning up leftovers and sealing out possible entry points.

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4. Fleas

Fleas are pesky because they feed on blood. Thus, these also carry various diseases. They might be on your bed, couch, throw pillows, carpets, or even rugs, messing up the interiors of your home. Apart from being itchy, your skin will definitely swell when they bite. They might infect your pets too. You may use special foggers to get rid of them or other powder-based products that don’t release toxic fumes.

5. House Mice

Yes, Mickey Mouse is friendly, but the house mice living inside your walls and furniture are not. Apart from ruining a good furniture by chewing on its wood, house mice also spread several diseases and ailments. Apart from being able to breed rapidly, the most irritating trait perhaps of house mice is that they have the flexibility to adapt quickly. Thus, if you suspect that there are house mice lurking around your home, better enlist the services of pest control professionals. They will be the ones who will guarantee that all entry points are sealed, nests are destroyed, and all other existing mice are removed.

6. Moths

Moths can do severe damage to your home because just like spider crickets, their larvae can feed on fabric such carpets, rugs, and even your sweaters. Adult moths don’t fly around your house, but tend to lurk in dark corners, especially in your closets. Hence, regular closet cleaning is very much recommended to ensure that you won’t have to worry about moths. Put in some cedar balls or lavender sachets in your closets as an added measure. But in case they are already inside your home, it is best to call the services of a professional.

7. Bed Bugs

Everyone wants to have a good night’s rest, which is next to impossible if your bed is infested with bed bugs. Apart from your bed, they can also hide in small cracks in your furniture. What is worse about bed bugs is that they feed on human blood. While they cannot do much in destroying your home interiors, bed bugs are a great source of stress and anxiety, apart from the constant wounds from scratching. Furthermore, bed bugs are one of the toughest pests to completely eradicate and you might be left with no choice but to do away with your bed or your couch, even after the services of a pest control expert.

To wrap things up, nobody wants to be living with pests that mess up your interiors, so before any of the pests cited above take over your territory, put up with the necessary pest control measures. Also, keep in mind that cleanliness is the key and the primary line of defense against these pests.

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