Try These Tips for Creating a Cozy, Earthy Vibe in Your Home

Earthy interior designs are often super cozy, so maybe that’s why this time of year leads many people to look for ways to add natural elements to home decor. Earthy designs generally have a number of things in common: they have textures layered upon textures, the overall color palette is neutral and the room includes natural materials and greenery. This doesn’t mean that the space has to be bohemian or eclectic. Rooms with a natural feeling can also be modern or contemporary as long as the lines are clean and the major furnishings are the right style. So what how can you change up your decor for an earthy vibe, perfect for the fall and winter? Check out these ideas:

A Limited Color Palette


More than just neutrals, a restrained color palette limited to a few hues is ideal for an earthy space. A textural sofa from Verellen with a printed Amadi rug on the floor sets the right tone, while the rug on the wall has a bold graphic that makes the space pop, thanks to the black lines. In fact, any neutral space will take on added edginess if black accents — or even a piece of furniture — are incorporated into the design. The black elements are a strong addition that make the space feel modern and far from boring.


The addition of greenery in any room is a good idea for many reasons, not the least of which is better air quality and improved mental health. Even low-maintenance cacti are a fabulous green accent for a natural space. This room has a minimalist neutral color palette yet has plenty of interesting details in the textures and materials that are used. Organically formed pottery, plenty of natural wood, hair-on-hide seating and super textural lighting fixtures transform what could have been a very basic space into a spot that is earthy and very inviting.

Fringe & Tassels


Fringe has generally been associated with a hippie vibe, but today’s fringe and tassels are upscale versions that add a textural accent to throws, cushions and even lamps. This marvelous light fixture features tassels of multiple lengths, each with a color-banded neck in navy and a gray-blue, which are ideal colors for accenting a neutral color scheme. Swapping out standard lighting for a pendant like this is an easy way to add more texture to a room.

Unexpected Natural Pieces


Of course, the fringe on these pieces are almost a given for adding earthiness, but how about an unexpected piece like this indoor swing? While plants are the most obvious way of bringing an outdoor element inside, an indoor swing is a fun and quirky option. Tucked into a corner, an indoor swing is more about gently swaying than vigorous swinging, but much like a rocking chair, the motion is very soothing for people of any age. If the swing doesn’t fit into the decor, a lavishly fringed leather stool is another earthy option. Both of these pieces were designed by Brazilian designer Marta Menente.

Nubby Upholstery


When creating a natural vibe it’s best to avoid textiles that are sleek, shiny and smooth. Especially for major pieces of furniture, choose upholstery options that have a good deal of texture. This plump chaise from Verellen is covered in a super-textural fabric that is soft, nubby and neutral.  An added throw adds even more texture, but even on its own, the piece conveys a cozy and practical atmosphere.

Layer the Rugs

One of the latest popular techniques that adds comfort as well as style is layering your rugs. The standard rule applies when it comes to choosing the largest rug in that it needs to reach past the front of the furniture surrounding it. The ones that you layer on top can and should be smaller. This method lets you swap out a rug whenever you want to change up the look without having to buy a large. For the larger base rug, pick something with a tight weave in a neutral color and pattern, which will make it more versatile and keep the focus on the top layer.  For the smaller ones, go as bold as you like. The range of hand-loomed options made with natural fibers, like these rugs from Amala Carpets, is very expansive, so you’re sure to find something you like.

Organic Table Settings

Not everyone will want to have an earthy vibe throughout the living space all the time, but might just want to have this feeling for guests and special dinners. For those times, an organic, natural table setting is the ticket. This is a way to add these earthy elements on a temporary basis and create a welcoming table. In addition to the obvious natural centerpieces and textural linens, choosing dishes that are hand-formed and have a very organic vibe, like this Mend collection from DBO Home are ideal. In fact, any small-batch handcrafted ceramics will do the trick.

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