The Open House Penthouse in Mumbai by Rishita Kadmar

The Open House Penthouse in Mumbai by Rishita Kadmar

Architects: Rishita Kadmar
Location: Mumbai, India
Year: 2015
Area: 4.500 ft²/ 418 m²
Photo courtesy: Studio Kunal Bhatia

We come from a period where spaces are getting littler however desires are getting much bigger. There is this steady battle in the middle of reality and desires. In the midst of this stands the designer whose part is to attempt and extension this crevice. Outline is the congruity and trade off one scopes in the middle of musings and execution. What makes you a decent architect is your capacity to understand every one of your contemplations into things.


This 4,200 sq ft house is settled in a common G+13 story building complex in the heart of Ghatkopar East. The typology of homes around here is blingy stones and “imported” Italian marble completes complete with lacquer cleaned to its polished best, costly light fixtures shouting out to their Swarovski siblings.


The customer Mr. Shah and his family had their brief laid out entirely from day 1: the house should have been useful, free of mess, basic and consistent with their identities. What’s more, this was the beginning stage of an awesome undertaking.


The Open House, consistent with its name, has spaces that open out to each other or onto something. The lounge has an extraordinary twofold tallness volume which permits daylight and air to top off the space flawlessly. It would just be uncalled for to not regard this to its fullest. To do as such we chose to get rid of the dividers between the Living Dining and Kitchen region to make it seem like 1 expansive space. This broadened ones perspective as well as permitted greatest light and cross ventilation in the house. The misty solid dividers were supplanted with thin transparent glass and metal parcels which can without much of a stretch slide away and hide tactfully tuck itself to open up the space.


For Privacy these entryways can be closed and frame 2 particular kitchen feasting and living zones, as yet permitting light to channel in . This additionally permits to family to always draw in with each other even whilst somebody is in the kitchen and the other individuals are eating at the table. There is a consistent visual associate with every one of the spaces from here.


The thought of the “divider” has been tested in a few routes here. The upper level media room takes cover behind a delightful craftsman painted blue divider, which crumples to uncover the room behind. Storage rooms (which shape an essential part in Indian families) are concealed between dividers to practically give off an impression of being missing.


The 3 most crucial materials utilized as a part of the house are Wood, Metal and Concrete. The Metal and Wood Staircase shapes the setting to the parlor and turns into a compositional component. Metal sliding entryways and railings are utilized to keep the look as thin and negligible as could reasonably be expected. Hardwood in its normal structure is dealt with in different ways, we have attempted to reuse even the littlest scrap of wood delivered nearby. Entryway handles , wood craftsmanship outlines , diwan backrests were produced using remaining plywood and Hardwood on location.


The Deep Chestnut wooden deck gives a feeling of extraordinary warmth to the rooms. The customer needed to a great degree mess free spaces; thus the house has been composed with to a great degree negligible and careful capacity pieces.


The patio region which is a 800 sq ft expansive space open to sky is the best space in the house. Since the fundamental shading palette was dark and cocoa, we painted some beautiful DIY window boxes to light up the space and make it look fun. Plants with particular smell like the Champa and herbs like basil, oregano and mint top off the space with a flawless aroma.The material palette is painstakingly chosen here . Since the twofold tallness volume in the parlor, welcomed a considerable measure of warmth from the daylight, the regular solid boards on the divider (cement is a cooling operators) helps in cutting down the general temperature of the space.


In general the house is to a great degree useful and simple to keep up. By boosting the window and openings one additionally guarantees that for the duration of the day, the requirement for manufactured light and ventilation is just about not required.

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