Townhouse in Landskrona by Elding Oscarson

Townhouse in Landskrona by Elding Oscarson

Architects: Elding Oscarson
Location: Landskrona, Skåne County, Sweden
Year: 2009
Area: 125 sqm
Construction cost: 280,000 Euro
Photo courtesy: Åke E:son Lindman

The tight site is sandwiched between old structures in Landskrona, Sweden. In spite of the fact that pleasantly arranged by the shoreline in a developing district, this city has gotten to be infamous for its social issues, initially set off by the wharf business emergency in the 80’s. Our parcel has been void subsequent to mid 1900’s. It is scarcely 5 meters wide with a minor territory of 75 square meters, confronting a road additionally a brilliant shrouded world inside the city piece. We needed keep a solid vicinity of this little scale, diverse, normally worn spot in the finished undertaking — a sentiment very nearly being open air.


Quickly adjoining structures are low, however the road is lined with structures of different tallness, size, veneer material, age, and approach. After watchful investigation of the site measurements through physical models, we came to the conclusion that the site was small to the point that a rectilinear methodology would improve the road with a novel component, a syncopation of its musicality, while staying delicate to the earth. We needed to make a sharp complexity; to express inborn clarity, yet all the more vitally to highlight the excellence of the environment.


Our customers, a couple managing craftsmanship and running a bistro, plan to settle here for good. As they need to utilize the house as a private exhibition, they need dividers for craftsmanship, not for protection. We made a solitary space, delicately apportioned by slender uncovered steel pieces. These compass the whole width of the house and separation its system — kitchen, feasting, living, library, bed, shower, and a rooftop patio. A home office is situated in a different building over a little garden. Mechanical and administration spaces fit by the passageway. Gross zone is 125 square meters.


This straightforward framework makes a variety of diverse spatial encounters in this little venture. It goes for a non-moderate and exuberant succession of bound and breezy spaces, specialties, insides and outsides, level and vertical perspectives and additionally precisely confined perspectives of the site. The constant inside space is opening up to the road, to the center of the square, and to the sky above. This openness to all bearings creates a building volume that is both solid and straightforward. All veneers are dealt with just as, uncovering the inside and offering perspectives through the building with comparable openings whether on the front, back or sides.


Vitality utilization 57% lower than the regulation was come to through the utilization of an air-source warmth pump and a ventilation framework with warmth recuperation, divider development of LECA sandwich obstructs with incorporated EPS protection, and a sedum rooftop deferring temperature variances in the middle of day and night. The divider development is, with the exception of being perfect to develop right to the neighbors’ dividers on this troublesome site, completely breathable, requiring no vapor hindrance, and only made out of materials that can’t form.


Despite the fact that these specialized angles are critical to a capable design rehearse, we find that our procedure is supportable in a more extensive sense. We have taken extraordinary consideration to altogether study everything from every single comprehensible measurement, light, straightforwardness, spatial arrangements, taming of road space, and, obviously, enumerating. Just along these lines, we can genuinely challenge the assignment, the site, the customer, and holding on traditional thought — being intense and touchy in the meantime.

Townhouse-in-Landskrona-04-1 Townhouse-in-Landskrona-04-2 Townhouse-in-Landskrona-04 Townhouse-in-Landskrona-06 Townhouse-in-Landskrona-07 Townhouse-in-Landskrona-08 Townhouse-in-Landskrona-11 Townhouse-in-Landskrona-12 Townhouse-in-Landskrona-13 Townhouse-in-Landskrona-14 Townhouse-in-Landskrona-21 Townhouse-in-Landskrona-22 Townhouse-in-Landskrona-23 Townhouse-in-Landskrona-25 Townhouse-in-Landskrona-26 Townhouse-in-Landskrona-27 Townhouse-in-Landskrona-28 Townhouse-in-Landskrona-29 Townhouse-in-Landskrona-30 Townhouse-in-Landskrona-31

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