Single Family Brick House in Molino de la Hoz by Mariano Molina Iniesta

Single Family Brick House in Molino de la Hoz by Mariano Molina Iniesta

Architects: Mariano Molina Iniesta
Location: Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain
Year: 2015
Area: 4,941 sqft /459 sqm
Photo courtesy: Miguel de Guzmán

On a slanting plot with advantaged sees, we were requested that assemble a house basically on one level, in which the kitchen must be an extraordinary component.


With these premises, alongside the yearning to catch, quite far, the encompassing open space, the house was sorted out around two courts: one called the sun porch, arranged towards east and south, where the pool is found, and the shadow yard, confronting north, more close and casual; the kitchen serves as a joining component, taking an interest all the while from them two.


The pool, changed into a lake, stretches out right to its edge and expects to breath life into it with a steady play of reflections.


The living territory, which possesses the focal position of the plan, opens towards the sun porch and rotates around a gigantic hanging chimney, which characterizes two particular territories. Encompassed by a sky facing window and an impluvium molded rooftop, at twelve the chimney turns into a huge light that enlightens the entire focal region. At long last, the rooms are assembled into two volumes which take off over the lower some portion of the site and command the scene as watchtowers.


Productively, unpleasant surfaces and vicinity of matter were looked for: the prevailing materials are a somewhat granulated cement subterranean level and workmanship of carefully assembled blocks above it. From the road, the last shows up as a significantly persistent skin, punctuated just every so often by grids made of the same sort of brick.

Single-Family-Brick-House-in-Molino-de-la-Hoz-by-Mariano-Molina-Iniesta-05 Single-Family-Brick-House-in-Molino-de-la-Hoz-by-Mariano-Molina-Iniesta-06 Single-Family-Brick-House-in-Molino-de-la-Hoz-by-Mariano-Molina-Iniesta-07 Single-Family-Brick-House-in-Molino-de-la-Hoz-by-Mariano-Molina-Iniesta-08 Single-Family-Brick-House-in-Molino-de-la-Hoz-by-Mariano-Molina-Iniesta-09 Single-Family-Brick-House-in-Molino-de-la-Hoz-by-Mariano-Molina-Iniesta-10 Single-Family-Brick-House-in-Molino-de-la-Hoz-by-Mariano-Molina-Iniesta-11 Single-Family-Brick-House-in-Molino-de-la-Hoz-by-Mariano-Molina-Iniesta-12 Single-Family-Brick-House-in-Molino-de-la-Hoz-by-Mariano-Molina-Iniesta-13 Single-Family-Brick-House-in-Molino-de-la-Hoz-by-Mariano-Molina-Iniesta-14 Single-Family-Brick-House-in-Molino-de-la-Hoz-by-Mariano-Molina-Iniesta-15 Single-Family-Brick-House-in-Molino-de-la-Hoz-by-Mariano-Molina-Iniesta-16 Single-Family-Brick-House-in-Molino-de-la-Hoz-by-Mariano-Molina-Iniesta-17 Single-Family-Brick-House-in-Molino-de-la-Hoz-by-Mariano-Molina-Iniesta-18 Single-Family-Brick-House-in-Molino-de-la-Hoz-by-Mariano-Molina-Iniesta-19 Single-Family-Brick-House-in-Molino-de-la-Hoz-by-Mariano-Molina-Iniesta-20 Single-Family-Brick-House-in-Molino-de-la-Hoz-by-Mariano-Molina-Iniesta-21 Single-Family-Brick-House-in-Molino-de-la-Hoz-by-Mariano-Molina-Iniesta-22 Single-Family-Brick-House-in-Molino-de-la-Hoz-by-Mariano-Molina-Iniesta-23 Single-Family-Brick-House-in-Molino-de-la-Hoz-by-Mariano-Molina-Iniesta-24 Single-Family-Brick-House-in-Molino-de-la-Hoz-by-Mariano-Molina-Iniesta-25

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