1.8-M Width House by YUUA Architects & Associates

1.8-M Width House by YUUA Architects & Associates

Architects: YUUA Architects & Associates
Location: Toshima, Japan
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: Toshihiro SOBAJIMA

The span of the site is around width 2.5m and profundity 11m. This little and slender real estate parcel is an average eels bed site, where one can achieve his/her arm from limit to limit and feels next structures standing tight and close. We have attempted to hold however much space as could reasonably be expected and to give mental openness to the occupant. The house has been composed after the idea: A house with liveliness where individuals and felines live joyfully.


In this undertaking, we have considered a house as a collection of little places and planned a space where such “places” extended in different floor levels. Coasting floors in long and restricted space produce the spatial scope. Light and outside air which taken in from openings of facing and upper side of the building streams into each edge of the house, using the floor contrast. Light and air brings mental utility, and profound and quiet shading gives feeling of profundity to the space. Surface of materials, for example, platform sheets and marble dust artworks will be an accent to inside of the house. Open racks set around the stairs and in the kitchen will give the spatial openness. Day by day family unit merchandise fit normally into the environment, making the part out of inside outline.


Auxiliary outline was produced by completely considering the peculiarity of the building shape. Sections and bars were constrained to augment the inside space. Steel-outline development strategy satisfactory to the restricted facade site condition, EZ stake framework, and storm cellar structure that oppose against drawing-out force were embraced. Outside materials with non-platform development framework, open channeling courses that can be effectively kept up are further received to coordinate the uniqueness of the area shape. Regular wind, common wind current, and usage of circulator gives the agreeable space.

1.8-M-Width-House-by-YUUA-Architects-&-Associates-03 1.8-M-Width-House-by-YUUA-Architects-&-Associates-04 1.8-M-Width-House-by-YUUA-Architects-&-Associates-05 1.8-M-Width-House-by-YUUA-Architects-&-Associates-06 1.8-M-Width-House-by-YUUA-Architects-&-Associates-07 1.8-M-Width-House-by-YUUA-Architects-&-Associates-08 1.8-M-Width-House-by-YUUA-Architects-&-Associates-09 1.8-M-Width-House-by-YUUA-Architects-&-Associates-10 1.8-M-Width-House-by-YUUA-Architects-&-Associates-11 1.8-M-Width-House-by-YUUA-Architects-&-Associates-12

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