Villa Rotonda by Bedaux de Brouwer Architecten

Villa Rotonda by Bedaux de Brouwer Architecten

Architects: Bedaux de Brouwer Architecten
Location: Goirle,North Brabant, Netherlands
Year: 2010
Area: 2,368 sqft
Photo courtesy: Michel Kievits

A striking combination of contemporary traditionalism and artisanal innovation. The swimming pool, sauna, and hot tub are clear indications of extravagance in this living arrangement in Goirle, a district in the region of the city of Tilburg, in the south of the Netherlands. In any case, the solace of this house is offered by these extravagant conveniences, as well as essentially by its building design.


Manor Rotonda was planned by the youthful designers Pieter and Thomas Bedaux, who are proceeding with the convention of the department in Goirle which was begun in the 1930s by their granddad Jos Bedaux and assumed control by their dad Peer Bedaux. Since the 1950s, the authority has been concentrating on two streams: a contemporary traditionalism and an artisanal innovation. In both territories, security and solace have huge impact. Starting there of perspective, the conventional houses with their pitched rooftops and covered windows are not all that not quite the same as the peaceful, conceptual structural planning which the department has additionally been making for a considerable length of time. The living arrangement in Goirle consolidates both headings.


From the road the house looks conventional and shut, from the patio nursery it uncovers itself as a transparent space. The conventional look was directed by the zoning arrangement, which indicated a rooftop which would permit the new building to fit in with the provincial climate of Goirle – an environment, by the way, which has been resolved to a critical degree by the work of the granddad and father Bedaux. With the exception of two extensive windows, the house is shut off to the primary road, shielding the inhabitants from the clamor contamination brought about by the movement from the adjacent occupied circuitous. This additionally clarifies the name of the house, Villa Rotonda. As opposed to a reference to Andrea Palladio’s popular manor close Vicenza, Italy, it is an unexpected discourse on the house’s area by a circuitous crossing point. The water somewhat encompassing the house strengthens its private, fixed off character.


In the city side, the house has all the earmarks of being a minor departure from the model Dutch home, with a pitched slate rooftop and dim block dividers. On the patio nursery side, that thought is toppled, and the environment changes. The southern side of the house watches out onto the profound greenery enclosure. Here, the façade is almost totally straightforward. The Reynaers sliding framework CP 155-LS was usedfor the façades and can be worked consequently. This permits the front room kitchen to be opened onto the greenery enclosure so that inside and outside structure a nonstop entirety. The tilt-and-turn windows, made utilizing CS 68-HV (concealed vent), can likewise be worked consequently.


The choice to utilize the moderate variation of CS 68 with concealed vents accentuates the dynamic look of this house with its downplayed plan, in which the presence of straightforwardness is not just found in the windows. This profits in theory enumerating of the point where the divider meets the rooftop. The naturally worked sliding entryways and windows are a piece of an amazing cluster of home hardware which serve to further expand the solace level effectively inalienable in the structural engineering itself.


Every room in the house confronts the extensive greenery enclosure. With the shut off road side façade guarding the back of the house, it is conceivable to appreciate both utter security and light, open living. Thusly, with the outline of the house, the two youthful engineers have accomplished an ideal blend of two universes, cutting edge and conventional, in this manner demonstrating that they are deserving of following in the strides of their ancestors in the workplace.

Villa-Rotonda-02-1 Villa-Rotonda-02-2 Villa-Rotonda-02-3 Villa-Rotonda-02-4 Villa-Rotonda-04 Villa-Rotonda-05-1 Villa-Rotonda-05 Villa-Rotonda-06 Villa-Rotonda-07 Villa-Rotonda-08 Villa-Rotonda-09-1 Villa-Rotonda-09-2 Villa-Rotonda-11 Villa-Rotonda-12 Villa-Rotonda-13 Villa-Rotonda-14 Villa-Rotonda-15 Villa-Rotonda-16 Villa-Rotonda-17

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