The House on the Cliff by GilBartolome Architects

The House on the Cliff by GilBartolome Architects

Architects: GilBartolome Architects
Location: Granada, Granada, Spain
Year: 2015
Area: 2.260 ft²/ 210 m²
Photo courtesy: Jesus Granada

This house is a private commission made by a youthful couple who picked a troublesome plot on a slope with a slant of 42 degrees, before the Mediterranean Sea with amazing perspectives. The errand has been to incorporate the house inside of the eminent scene that encompasses it and to coordinate the decent spaces towards the ocean. It has likewise been about working with an amazingly tight spending plan, an intricate site and yearning thoughts both from the customer and the designer.


The type of the house and the metallic rooftop creates a computed stylish equivocalness between the common and the simulated, between the skin of a mythical serpent set in the ground, when seen from underneath, and the influxes of the ocean, when seen from above.


The house is produced on two stories: a huge terraced living range, taking after the slant of the mountain, associated with a cantilevered porch with a swimming pool, and a second floor with rooms that have perspectives over the rooftop. The house is covered into the lofty incline and advantages from the yearly consistent temperature of 19’5ºC of the ground. The bearable spaces are secured by a bended twofold shell of fortified solid which plays with the geometry of the ground while surrounding the perspectives and arranging the wind currents that originate from the ocean into the inside. This shell is upheld on the holding dividers that are 14,5 meters separated from each other, with no other inward backings, segments or dividers. Because of this, the principle space of the house, sorted out into composed islands of movement, can likewise turn into a stage and an assembly room for 70 individuals, additionally convenient to host expansive gatherings, totally open to the scene and with an auxiliary porch isolated by a mobile glass veneer.


The metallic rooftop delivers a computed stylish vagueness between the common and the fake, between the skin of a monster set in the ground, when seen from underneath, and the rushes of the ocean, when seen from above.


The development of the House on the Cliff depends vigorously on craftsmanship and neighborhood work. The house was to be worked amid the most exceedingly terrible conceivable budgetary emergency on Spain, with 26% of unemployment in our nation, and near 36% unemployment rates in the district where the house was assembled. In this social connection we chose to maintain a strategic distance from machine made mechanical development frameworks and add to an engineering that depends on numerous hours of work. The most complex components of the house can serve as a sample of this approach: the strengthened solid structure of the rooftop, in view of a physically executed metal formwork, the tiles that cover the rooftop high quality and hand put, the roofs made of gypsum mortar, the inside bespoke furniture made with fiberglass and polyester tar are all composed through advanced outline programming, yet fabricated by hand nearby, utilizing the antiquated technique for “measuring from arrangements” furthermore permitting space for the laborers inventiveness and capacities to accomplish the general aesthetical objectives that were talked about amid the site visits.


Aside from this viewpoint, this choice has turned out to be essential in different points. In view of the unpredictability and the magnificence of the house and the abilities that must be created, It has been a test for the general population included on the site, and it has demonstrated that everybody is prepared to give the additional mile when there is an eager objective that point towards an outcome that is of worth. This builds the nature of the development, additionally, and above all, it has been vital for the workers as it spoke to for them a method for testing, learning lastly demonstrating their capacities that conceivably opened them new potential outcomes of work. This has likewise served them in recovering the poise lost in their calling, as modern development items are very exhausting to assemble, particularly when a comparable activity must be rehashed unendingly.


The house highlights two complex components that have been monetarily doable on account of specialized developments. The rooftop was delivered through a high quality formwork framework create on a patent by a nearby designer Dr. Manuel Rojas, utilizing an extremely productive deformable metal cross section. This system was made at a much lower expense as for the alternatives that are usually utilized as a part of development, for example, timber or steel formworks. The completing surface of the rooftop is made by zinc scales put and manufactured by hand from crude material. This has decreased the expense if contrasted and pre-assembled frameworks offered by the business. Additionally, the creation of the furniture is made totally by hand from advanced models. These methods that bounce between the manual and the advanced have created a remarkable mix of characteristics.


As to execution, the house is embedded in the ground and we have utilized as a part of our advantage the steady temperature of the ground, 19,5 º C as the year progressed. Between the inside and the holding dividers there is a 40 cms air pit that is utilized to manage the measure of air at 19,5ºC that goes into the house, what amount goes into the pre-cooling or pre-warming of the HVAC framework, and what amount must be ventilated with a specific end goal to control the moistness levels. The air depression is sensorized and controlled shrewdly yet with a manual overwhelm when required. Another essential element is that the rooftop is a twofold bended solid shell, every shell 7cms of cement, and it has 40 cms of protection in the middle of that served as the formwork for the solid of the upper shell. This, being a modest development technique, takes into account a glorious blend of protection and warm inactivity. In aftereffect of these two components, the house does not utilize any type of warming or cooling amid the year.


The solid plant that conveyed to the site is under 10 kms away and gathered a huge diminishment in carbon discharges.


The business of development and the extensive engineers who have been delivering structures of low quality and little included worth in the course of the most recent two decades in Spain have made a society of low request and disavowal, introducing in the public arena the thought that terrible design that encompasses us is a fundamental outcome of our time. This house demonstrates that another development is conceivable and that the engineer and the client have the likelihood of acquiring a superior item at a reasonable expense. It is a matter of dream, ability and responsibility to a thought between every one of the parts.

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