MoreDesignOffice design the Folding Apartment, a stylish compact loft in Shanghai

MoreDesignOffice design the Folding Apartment, a stylish compact loft in Shanghai

Architects: MoreDesignOffice
Location: Shanghai, China
Year: 2014
Area: 538 ft²/ 50 m²
Photo courtesy: Raphael Olivier

The Folded Apartment: How to make 50 sqm (538 sqft) feel greater than it is?


Finding a reasonable flat in the focal point of any city is extremely troublesome. Typically bargains should be made and for this situation we purchased a flat with poor sunshine, yet an awesome area and an arrangement we could reconfigure.


We needed two key things from the flat – a feeling of space, of openness, and then again, protection. In a little loft these two necessities are more often than not at chances.


We accomplished them by sorting out the capacities from open to private and afterward collapsing them around a focal spine divider. The spaces are kept purposely open yet security is accomplished by controlling the perspective vistas, and through a progression of translucent glass entryways which permit light to enter through the flat. This move likewise permits the upper east confronting parlor to get light from the room window amid the day.


On the room side of the spine divider it is done with upholstered fabric to give a nearby acoustic environment. The inverse side of the divider is clad with full tallness mirror, valuable for dressing and extends the feeling of space in the foyer, multiplying the apparent region.


So as to boost storage room and to encourage moving the WC and clothes washer, the floor level changes through the outline. The lounge room ventures down from the foyer making more tallness, whilst the room is gotten to by means of 3 stages which gives a more private environment, whilst making quite required storage room under the bed. The strides additionally twofold as casual seating when we have guests.The Folded Apartment is arranged in the heart of Shanghai’s French Concession, on the second floor of a 1930’s path house and looks onto a verdant road. It was composed and worked by MDO in 2014/15.

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