West 27th Street Penthouse in New York City by Charles Rose Architects

West 27th Street Penthouse in New York City by Charles Rose Architects

Architects: Charles Rose Architects
Location: New York City, USA
Year: 2014
Area: 4.000 ft²/ 372 m²
Photo courtesy: Charles Rose Architects

An expert couple in New York City charged us to plan a home that could serve as an alleviating desert spring inside of the city. They had obtained a penthouse space that included access to a housetop in the Garment District, and wished to bring regular light into the space and in addition direct access to the rooftop, with its emotional perspectives of the encompassing city.


Our configuration endeavors to make a position of serenity: the inside spaces stream into each other without impediment; the course is and easy. We acquainted common light with the insides through the production of two straight sky facing windows and a little, two-story glass chamber, which additionally give direct access from the living zone to the rooftop.


The design is formally extra, and the materials are restricted and warm: wood, concrete, darkened steel, and tile loan their novel properties to every room. The spaces are selected with furniture that strengthens its effortlessness—from the rectilinear seats that run the length of the feasting table to the flush casework all through the space. The darkened steel and wood stairway rises into the light of the chamber.


The wooden tile mosaic in the eating range is a striking woven artwork, however the serene look in the young lady’s eyes—summoning Botticelli’s Birth of Venus—tempers its vicinity and permits it to expand the space without decreasing its quiet. The mosaic was initially made for and introduced in a New York eatery. The mosaic was a most loved of the customers: an item coming about because of the joint effort of an artist and a configuration studio. The mosaic was slated for decimation to clear a path for another occupant, so the customers got it for the space. A week prior to its booked obliteration the customers figured out how to spare it: acquiring it and employing a team to disassemble it piece by piece, precisely numbering and wrapping every tile in preservation paper.


The rooftop porch praises the far reaching perspective of New York City; the Empire State Building rises magnificently out yonder. With trees covering the edges, the porch feels grounded and adds to the customer’s longing for a desert garden. The furniture is insignificant and present day. The strength of wood and stone is punctuated by the bay window’s glass—a layer of straightforwardness that is an offsets alternate materials.

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