Folding Farm House with panoramic views of Dublin by Box Urban Design Architecture

Folding Farm House with panoramic views of Dublin by Box Urban Design Architecture

Architects: Box Urban Design Architecture
Location: Mountain Lodge, Dublin, Ireland
Year: 2010
Area: 5,274 ft²/ 490 m²
Photo courtesy: Paul Tierney

This substitution staying is set into a north-bound slope side with all encompassing perspectives of Dublin city. The site is limited on the south by a lush scene. The house is developed utilizing a pre-assembled timber-outline board framework joining full-tallness coating bearing perspectives toward the north, while light infiltration from the south is controlled through rooftop lights and key openings.


The building plays between depressed spaces and confined perspectives to the scene. The regular spatial progression is reversed; giving resting settlement on the lower level while living spaces possess the upper floor. The lower floor is orchestrated around a stone patio toward the North and an indented region toward the south, cut into the slope, which permits south light to enter the space and educates the upper level passage. The front entryway is drawn nearer under a cantilevered overhang and the depressed patio is passed, giving a perspective to underneath, before entering the building.


The structure is enunciated by a collapsing plane orientated around a north south pivot, which reacts to the geology of the site to transform between; floor, patio, divider and rooftop plates at all levels.


The lower floor is isolated into partitioned room and restroom cells giving perspectives over the slope to Dublin Bay. The more extended hub keeps running from North to South into the slope. Toward the north a coated hall, gives perspectives toward the East, requested by the beat of the timber outline structure. This passage shields and gives access to the rooms and lavatory cells. Toward the south a den and studio space are situated with a hid staircase to the back which gives access to the slope at the upper level of the carport. The short pivot keeps running over the slope toward the West and has full-stature North-confronting coated entryways which open specifically on to the stone patio.


The upper floor is a L-molded in plan to give an upper patio which facilitate emphasizes the perspectives toward the North from the living and eating space and gives a far reaching open air social space. An extra littler open air patio is given off the kitchen by a gallery which juts toward the east. The setup of the upper floor distinguishes the primary living territory as a complete open space which can be adjusted by sliding screens to partition the living and feasting ranges and turn entryways which crease away to uncover the den. This permits the house to work and adjust as required by inhabitance. The sliding screens are put away in a focal center component which contains the focal inner staircase and a chimney. The more serviceable spaces, of utility, and bathrooms are attentively situated and hid inside of the space and timber racking dividers are nitty gritty to give utilitarian stockpiling while advising the spatial course of action.


Two story voids make a physical association between spaces at both levels andnatural light is brought profound into the working through the cautious situating of abnormal state windows at twofold stature spaces and expansive rooflights over stairwells. Littler windows are utilized as a part of more private spaces to make confined perspectives of the scene past.


The timber outline structure is wrapped remotely with an exclusive protection and rendering framework. Superior warm and sun based reflecting coating in timber outlines slide open to make an immediate association between the inside and outer spaces. A wood smoldering stove and kettle were introduced and every inside space are given under floor warming. A warmth trade framework is utilized to give outside air to the inside.


The customer had a powerful urge to utilize timber outline development to give a roomy family home on an uncovered yet grand slope site. The outline brief was to give an ecologically supportable working in a versatile assembled structure educated by its context.The plan expectation was to give a working of compositional quality educated by best practice in lifetime and economical configuration with a strong spatial progressive system.

Folding-Farm-House-with-panoramic-views-of-Dublin-by-Box-Urban-Design-Architecture-08 Folding-Farm-House-with-panoramic-views-of-Dublin-by-Box-Urban-Design-Architecture-09 Folding-Farm-House-with-panoramic-views-of-Dublin-by-Box-Urban-Design-Architecture-10 Folding-Farm-House-with-panoramic-views-of-Dublin-by-Box-Urban-Design-Architecture-11 Folding-Farm-House-with-panoramic-views-of-Dublin-by-Box-Urban-Design-Architecture-12 Folding-Farm-House-with-panoramic-views-of-Dublin-by-Box-Urban-Design-Architecture-13 Folding-Farm-House-with-panoramic-views-of-Dublin-by-Box-Urban-Design-Architecture-14 Folding-Farm-House-with-panoramic-views-of-Dublin-by-Box-Urban-Design-Architecture-15 Folding-Farm-House-with-panoramic-views-of-Dublin-by-Box-Urban-Design-Architecture-16 Folding-Farm-House-with-panoramic-views-of-Dublin-by-Box-Urban-Design-Architecture-17 Folding-Farm-House-with-panoramic-views-of-Dublin-by-Box-Urban-Design-Architecture-18 Folding-Farm-House-with-panoramic-views-of-Dublin-by-Box-Urban-Design-Architecture-19 Folding-Farm-House-with-panoramic-views-of-Dublin-by-Box-Urban-Design-Architecture-20 Folding-Farm-House-with-panoramic-views-of-Dublin-by-Box-Urban-Design-Architecture-21 Folding-Farm-House-with-panoramic-views-of-Dublin-by-Box-Urban-Design-Architecture-22 Folding-Farm-House-with-panoramic-views-of-Dublin-by-Box-Urban-Design-Architecture-23

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