Tetra Office Building for the Research Institute Deltares by Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur

Tetra Office Building for the Research Institute Deltares by Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur

Architects: Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur
Location: Rotterdamseweg, Delft, Netherlands
Year: 2013
Area: 62,484 ft²/ 5,805 m²
Photo courtesy: Daria Scagliola, Jim Pulles

The Tetra building is the new face of the autonomous Research Institute Deltares. The foundation, which concentrates on inventive answers for Delta issues, was housed on an obsolete grounds composed in the sixties. Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur attempted to discover a suiting expression to the changing underline of the exploration of Deltares. New bits of knowledge into the pith of water powered building, with more accentuation on the “delicate side”, the biology and manageability, requested an alternate compositional dialect. The Tetra building is the initial phase in the new masterplan proposed by Jeanne Dekker Architectuur to make the grounds future evidence.


The new vitality and CO2-impartial building has an exterior that “responds” to its continually evolving introductions. The tripodial principle arrangement of the building, a reference to the ‘Delta’, makes the building multi-sided and by its solid straightforwardness it fits well with the powerful seventies design of the first mind boggling. The contemporary, intelligent lace veneer has advancing profundities which works as normal shading, while conveying a dynamic character to the exterior. The light and open building floats over the water and structures the point of convergence of the reestablished Deltares grounds.


Nearby the Tetra building Jeanne Dekkers Architectuur outlined a little multi-reason structure. The free frame building is totally clad in wood and structures a troupe with the Tetra building.


The three story high Tetra building comprises of three wings of open floor office spaces. The inside comprises of a serene bed of common materials and hues; basically wood and cement joined with pastel tints. The three wings and floors are associated by an extensive primary corridor with a huge agent staircase.

Tetra-Office-Building-for-the-Research-Institute-Deltares-by-Jeanne-Dekkers-Architectuur-04 Tetra-Office-Building-for-the-Research-Institute-Deltares-by-Jeanne-Dekkers-Architectuur-05 Tetra-Office-Building-for-the-Research-Institute-Deltares-by-Jeanne-Dekkers-Architectuur-06 Tetra-Office-Building-for-the-Research-Institute-Deltares-by-Jeanne-Dekkers-Architectuur-07 Tetra-Office-Building-for-the-Research-Institute-Deltares-by-Jeanne-Dekkers-Architectuur-08 Tetra-Office-Building-for-the-Research-Institute-Deltares-by-Jeanne-Dekkers-Architectuur-09 Tetra-Office-Building-for-the-Research-Institute-Deltares-by-Jeanne-Dekkers-Architectuur-10 Tetra-Office-Building-for-the-Research-Institute-Deltares-by-Jeanne-Dekkers-Architectuur-11 Tetra-Office-Building-for-the-Research-Institute-Deltares-by-Jeanne-Dekkers-Architectuur-12 Tetra-Office-Building-for-the-Research-Institute-Deltares-by-Jeanne-Dekkers-Architectuur-13 Tetra-Office-Building-for-the-Research-Institute-Deltares-by-Jeanne-Dekkers-Architectuur-14 Tetra-Office-Building-for-the-Research-Institute-Deltares-by-Jeanne-Dekkers-Architectuur-15 Tetra-Office-Building-for-the-Research-Institute-Deltares-by-Jeanne-Dekkers-Architectuur-16 Tetra-Office-Building-for-the-Research-Institute-Deltares-by-Jeanne-Dekkers-Architectuur-17 Tetra-Office-Building-for-the-Research-Institute-Deltares-by-Jeanne-Dekkers-Architectuur-18 Tetra-Office-Building-for-the-Research-Institute-Deltares-by-Jeanne-Dekkers-Architectuur-19 Tetra-Office-Building-for-the-Research-Institute-Deltares-by-Jeanne-Dekkers-Architectuur-20 Tetra-Office-Building-for-the-Research-Institute-Deltares-by-Jeanne-Dekkers-Architectuur-21 Tetra-Office-Building-for-the-Research-Institute-Deltares-by-Jeanne-Dekkers-Architectuur-22

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