Wind House by Moon Hoon

Wind House by Moon Hoon

Architects: Moon Hoon
Location: Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea
Year: 2014
Area: 1,744 sqft / 162 sqm
Photo courtesy: NamGoong sun

The Jeju island is a well known get-away island arranged in the south of korean penninsula.
It can get exceptionally breezy, and for the most part the climate is extremely whimsical.
The island is loaded with volcanic rocks in different sizes, containing scenes marvels to basic dividers outlining possessions.

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Numerous craftsmen and average citizens have been enlivened by the magnificence and adaptability of the island. As of late rushes of koreans and outside vacationers are going by the island by the thousands. The winter days are frequently shady with solid winds. What’s more, the scene swings to gold and dark by passing on foliages and volcanic rocks.

Wind House by Moon Hoon-02

The site is arranged around a 1 hour drive from jeju city. It is encompassed by a bending street and houses and benefits. It is a recently shaped town that has a topic, primarly workmanship and society, so it is arranged close to a contemporary exhibition area. The site confronts one substantial bit of a bending street and two different sides are met by two unmistakable houses.
The client
 is an eye specialist bragging an awesome expertise in operations. He has specific tastes and a supporter of contemporary workmanship, music and autos.

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A specialist with numerous interest and affinity for something erratic and uncommon. He discovered me through the web and let me know that the weirdness and distinctive ness that is characteristic in my building design pulled in him. He needed three little houses which would be weekend house or benefits for voyagers. He stressed that the new structure ought to have interesting character, and obviously extremely practical in the meantime.

Wind House by Moon Hoon-04

The outline 
The wind and shade of jeju island of winter has made an in psyche impact at the forefront of my thoughts and took that as a motivation for the venture, in this manner the name wind house.
The plot has three sides one substantial bend and two sides meeting in a right edge. The territory of the plot is sufficient for three little houses. I began by utilizing the site line edges as unequivocally walled definition. This considers some security in generally an extremely open neighborhood.

Wind House by Moon Hoon-05

Two little house standing low like conventional jeju houses lie right edge to one another having moderately high dividers delineating each internal greenhouses. The third house gets away from the skyline and blooms like a brilliant blossom. Beforehand I had been appointed for a wind historical center, which turned out sharp.

Wind House by Moon Hoon-06

I had loved the thought and state of it, ordinarily i would make drawings propelled by the wind exhibition hall. I felt it was an advantageous time to resurrect and change the beginning thought. I proposed the entire thing to the customer. It required some investment to process it, yet at last he was entirely happy.
The rather smaller rectangular and low houses are walled independently for their own private greenhouses which take into consideration spatial extension and experience. Everything is kept in insignificant structure insightful and outline astute.

Wind House by Moon Hoon-07

The floating bloom, roused by the wind blowing a ladies’ hair is solidified and disconnected going to end up a shape that is reminiscent of an outsider, hair dryer, duck and so on… Within gloat a womb like space painted in red and dizzing floor colors.
The sharp distinction and differentiation between the level houses and drifting houses grounded commonly by high volcanic rock dividers achieve a sort of differentiating agreement like that of blooms blooming among the leaves.

Wind House by Moon Hoon-08 Wind House by Moon Hoon-09 Wind House by Moon Hoon-10 Wind House by Moon Hoon-11 Wind House by Moon Hoon-12 Wind House by Moon Hoon-13 Wind House by Moon Hoon-14 Wind House by Moon Hoon-15 Wind House by Moon Hoon-16 Wind House by Moon Hoon-17 Wind House by Moon Hoon-18 Wind House by Moon Hoon-19 Wind House by Moon Hoon-20 Wind House by Moon Hoon-21 Wind House by Moon Hoon-22 Wind House by Moon Hoon-23 Wind House by Moon Hoon-24 Wind House by Moon Hoon-25 Wind House by Moon Hoon-26 Wind House by Moon Hoon-27


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