Casa dos Claros family home with two stories by Contaminar Arquitectos

Casa dos Claros family home with two stories by Contaminar Arquitectos

Architects: Contaminar Arquitectos
Location: Leiria, Portugal
Year: 2015
Area: 2,260 ft²/ 210 m²
Photo courtesy: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

Single-family house with two stories – ground floor and storm cellar – outlined by Contaminar atelier, situated between the rustic range encompassing the Lis River and the urban fringe of the city of Leiria.


Situated on a little plot, this house is situated in a little scale disordered urban territory, encompassed by nurseries and cropland. Possessing the aggregate of the space, the house itself speaks to the fringes of the plot, living around little yards. These thusly give security and transport the client to an alternate sort of space with a more contemplative environment, making a piece of involved and exhaust spaces on the arrangement and rises.


The general geometry of the house, which gives off an impression of being inflexible, is hindered by roundabout openings that bear the cost of a wonderful perspective to the spaces. The different tomahawks depend on a 3,5×3,5 meters matrix, sorting out and giving control to the space. In the middle there is a yard that reaches out to the storm cellar, portraying the partition of the social and private regions on the upper floor. In the more private range, another yard isolates the suite from alternate rooms.


Contiguous the kitchen is a third yard lined with sucupira wood, cooperating with the outside and making a penetrating impact between within and outside spaces. The same impact is accomplished with the suite yard, as the spaces are half and half, particular and agreeable.


The two focal yards of the house merge through an exceptional greenery enclosure space in the storm cellar, connecting with the exercise center space and a social space. Part of this greenery enclosure reaches out to a mid-floor level and makes the partition between another porch and the storm cellar, held for more specialized functionalities. The storm cellar space is described by the vicinity of cement and pinnacle lighting, making a more sensational environment.

Casa-dos-Claros-family-home-with-two-stories-by-Contaminar-Arquitectos-05 Casa-dos-Claros-family-home-with-two-stories-by-Contaminar-Arquitectos-06 Casa-dos-Claros-family-home-with-two-stories-by-Contaminar-Arquitectos-07 Casa-dos-Claros-family-home-with-two-stories-by-Contaminar-Arquitectos-08 Casa-dos-Claros-family-home-with-two-stories-by-Contaminar-Arquitectos-09 Casa-dos-Claros-family-home-with-two-stories-by-Contaminar-Arquitectos-10 Casa-dos-Claros-family-home-with-two-stories-by-Contaminar-Arquitectos-11 Casa-dos-Claros-family-home-with-two-stories-by-Contaminar-Arquitectos-12 Casa-dos-Claros-family-home-with-two-stories-by-Contaminar-Arquitectos-13

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