Luciano Kruk design the L4 House located in a pine forest near the sea

Luciano Kruk design the L4 House located in a pine forest near the sea

Architects: Luciano Kruk
Location: Casa Costa Esmeralda, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Year: 2015
Area: 1.938 ft²/ 180 m²
Photo courtesy: Daniela Mac Adden, Diego Medina

L4 House is situated in the Costa Esmeralda gated group, thirteen kilometers north of the city of Pinamar and four hours from the city of Buenos Aires. The area where the house is found, Barrio Marítimo II, is directly parallel to the ocean. A pine woods isolates the area from the coast, regarding the 200 meters difficulty set up by commonplace regulations.


The house ought to serve for use amid short remains. It ought to likewise have the capacity to get visitors and in the long run be leased.

The part, a flawless sand rise, was secured by columns of sea pines. With respect to its geology, its surface plunges crosswise over roughly two meters from one end to the next, while longitudinally it slips tenderly toward the ocean.

The decision of materials depended on two reasons.


From one perspective, after the past experience of having manufactured different homes in solid, we realized that this material could be kept fit as a fiddle after some time with practically no upkeep.

Then again, we considered its shading and composition would build up a congruous dialog with the common habitat of the spot.


As to social range, this ought to be constituted as brilliant, open and firmly connected with the space outside the house; while the private region ought to be made out of four rooms as free as could reasonably be expected, each served by its own washroom. Our aim was to grow the majority of the project on one story and have a higher outside space, gave water, from which to mull over the shocking characteristic scenery. We concur that both the trees and the specific geography shaped the abundance of the site, which the engineering task ought to keep.


We needed the house to be drenched in the forested areas, encompassed by the characteristic air of the spot. This was the motivation behind why we chose to set it back past the statutory least separations. Far from the road the insides would pick up security while its back space would not be bargained, since it outwardly amplifies past the points of confinement of the site, converging with the woodland neighboring the ocean.


With the expectation of making a tactile difference, access to lodging is experienced from a faint half-shrouded space through a thin staircase contained between two hazy solid dividers into a light and vaporous space: the primary floor.

Concerning this floor, with a specific end goal to give the rooms however much security as could be expected, each is situated in a side of a square arrangement.


The social exercises occur in the middle. A staircase that prompts the rooftop is situated at the heart of the house, adding to its spatial association. At the focal point of people in general territory, the kitchen-eating region is on one side and the parlor on the other, keeping both of these spaces outwardly associated.

The rooms and their individual bathrooms are laid out isolated from the border divider.


On the higher territory, where the stage of the principle floor is bolstered on the normal landscape, the horizontal nook is diminished to a hanging divider, open to the outside surroundings through a low longitudinal opening, shielding the inside space from the perspectives of the neighbors.


On the most minimal territory of the site, where the house is particular around two meters starting from the earliest stage, the horizontal nook is worked through a low all with a high straight opening.

Both arrangements permitted to produce outside perspectives and actually lit spaces while protecting the private character of the inside.


While the sides are shut by misty dividers with flat openings, both the veneer and back nook of the building were determined through a straightforward divider that, taking the whole width and stature of the volume, coordinates and edges sees. In the back veneer, by opening entryways and windows, the inside space is stretched out into the mostly secured deck extending and uniting with the outside.


The very pliability of cement can imagine the staircase as a self-sufficient sculptural component. The dividers were planned with the same expressive versatility that partition the rooms of the focal segment creating on both sides, edges and specialties as altered bolster furniture.

As to the lighting, given the profundity of the arrangement, we chose to fortify characteristic lighting from the rooftop.


The focal region of the social segment is showered in sun through the glass crystal which houses the fundamental staircase. We joined straight splits on inside dividers that characterize the kitchen, looking to create on the surface of these dividers the impact of the diverse compasses of characteristic light for the duration of the day. Likewise, the bathrooms are lit by sky facing windows on level shower spaces.


The supporting structure was explained by a chunk bolstered by a reversed pillar framework upheld on segments situated inside the arrangement, and metal sections orchestrated as an afterthought fenced in areas that are a piece of the aluminum walled in area. With a specific end goal to accentuate the horizontality of the house and lessen its visual effect, both on the front and the back, the basic bar framework was set again from the nook, producing cantilevered pieces that offer shade.



From the rooftop, grasped by the highest points of the pines, a peaceful space for consideration develops. Because of the straightforwardness of the staircase, sees in all headings can be experienced. Secured by a wooden deck and furnished with a shower range and two bordering pools, this lifted space remains as a patio confronting the ocean.

Amidst nature, we laid out an assembled, open box, developed in a manner that permits the outside to stream out, in and out, in this way making it a player in the earth, blending and vibrating in symphonious consonance with it. Through its spatial blend and the stripped way of its materiality, we trust the house stirs emotions and improves the faculties of its inhabitants, in this mysterious trade that occasionally emerges in the middle of individuals and things.

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