Modern S.V. House located in Seville, Spain by A-cero

Modern S.V. House located in Seville, Spain by A-cero

Architects: A-cero
Location: Seville, Spain
Year: 2015
Area: 8.611 ft²/ 800 m²
Photo courtesy: Victor Sajara

“A-cero presents a new single-family house located in the south of Spain. A recent work designed this time in more orthogonal shapes but following the criteria of the architectural studio.


Owners looked for a solid, forceful and modern design for their home so they asked the project to the studio managed by architects Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares. This house is characterized by its facing in travertine marble and black glass. They wanted a high standing but reasonable villa with good and durable materials.


Several walls in this fine stone that seems get embrace with corbels. Has been a very detailed work cause all the pieces had to fit perfectly and so get impeccable elevations. Architecture extends along the garden and even the swimming pool. Interior and even much of the furniture is designed by A-cero.


This house is in a 1.900 sqm plot with an approximate built up area of 800 sqm and is divided in three floors. Basement with garage, storage room, facilities area and laundry. The grown floor has two parts, one of them more public spaces with hall, living rooms, diner room, and kitchen. Also we found a privative zone with the large master bedroom with two bathroom and two closets. Complete this floor TV – cine room. All the stances have exit to the garden.


On the top level we found two large bedrooms in suite with own living room. The interior is quite simple and lighting. Walls are in white lacquered and also the floor is in the same marble that façade.  The roof is passable where is a chill-out area whit an awesome views  Another very new project completed by A-cero studio in this case in Spain.”

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