The 24 House by Dane Design Australia

The 24 House by Dane Design Australia

Location: Australia
Year: 2008
Photo courtesy: Mark Cooper of Lime Graphic Media

This site has a deep frontage and wide verge; this has been used to its advantage to set the home well back from the road. Settling the home into the site has been taken further by opting for a low profile appearance.


To help achieve a subtle street frontage not dominated by garage doors, the garage has been pushed down into the site. The garage, cellar and service access is approximately 1.5m below natural ground levels. This allowed a split level arrangement internally where the two-story component of the design appeared lower. Level changes internally became quite a feature of this design.


A sunken sitting area several steps lower than the main floor occupies a space adjacent to the pool. Internally the roof dives down inwards with the ridge line running at the lowest point central to the main entry hall / gallery. The entire ceiling is lined with naturally finished Pacific Teak. This large expanse of timber offers a warmth and comfortable ambiance.


To further enhance the ceiling a band of black glass between lower roof and the pitched roof helps to separate the roof from the walls, the glass is frameless and slices through into the timber ceiling.


The deep roof overhang runs to a knife edge fascia line that is visible internally through the glass line.


The owners collect art and the home faces south. High level glazing allows reflected and direct natural daylight deep into the home while the deep overhang of the roof protects wall hung art from harmful direct sunlight.


Materials for this home were kept to a small, natural and neutral pallet. The art would add excitement and we wanted a suitable background to place art on but not a stark environment.


The walls are poured in situ concrete or white render, the floors are natural stone; timber ceilings and glass make up the balance of dominant materials.


All materials have been left natural unsealed if practical and when sealers have been used they are penetrating matt types. The home is textured and free from high gloss applied finishes.

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