Madrid residence by A-cero

Madrid residence by A-cero

Architects: A-cero
Location: Madrid, Spain
Year: 2012
Area: 2,840 sqm
Photos: Jacobo España

The construction modeling studio A-cero, drove by Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares, display some of its last lodging tasks. It is a home situated in a private complex in northern Madrid.

51ba9f8bb3fc4b1179000053_house-in-madrid-a-cero_14The house is situated in a rectangular plot of 2,800m2,where there are a lot of pines and oaks. Since A-cero plans to save these Mediterranean species, the lodging task puts on a show to live with them to such an extent that both grasp in the exterior.


The low slant plot takes after the current urban parameters with the bending shapes normal for theStudio. The house is assembled of ventilated stone white marblereal cream joined with bamboo wood, giving it character and moderation.


Inside, the spaces are wide and brimming with light in each room of the house.For the floor, A-cero picks a cream cleaned marble for the lounge room and a Havanna oak for the rooms. Suggestive structure sof construction modeling are brought into the house’s inside on account of afurniture configuration with bounty ofcurves.


We need to highlight the kitchen, with an A-cero outline that takes after the venture’s string. The completing is made of wood and White Corian. The furniture in the house consolidates the A-cero outlined ones with different components picked by the property, where effortlessness and class are the general pattern. The white shading, flooding the room, is blended with hotter tones in tans and grays.


The house’s dispersion is done in three levels. The main floor has three en suite rooms, while the ground floor houses a substantial living room,a visitor latrine, kitchen with capacity territory, and an open main room with changing area. In the cellar floor is arranged the carport, administration region and different offices. All things considered, A-cero regards the current vegetation on the plot and makes a pool with evolving room.

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