House D&H by CKX Architecten

House D&H by CKX Architects

Architects: CKX Architects
Location: Helmond, The Netherlands
Photos: courtesy of CKX Architecten

The house is situated on a decent green site in the city of Helmond, a residential community in the south of The Netherlands. This private building is intended for a couple with 7 children and the wish for a little home office territory.

DH-Residence-07-1Strict regulations from city chamber extending from separations to outskirts, get to and aggregate sum of development region and volume and an adoration for Dutch innovator structural planning brought about this play with white cubic volumes.


The resultant structure proposes a dialog between a scope of distinctive solids and voids, utilizing light to draw or ponder the surfaces, proposing an alterable perusing of space and volumes amid the day.


On the greenhouse side the house opens totally to a decent green garden and turns in a fantastic indoor-outside living space with full tallness glass dividers that slide away to grasp the green greenery enclosure.


DH-Residence-03-1 DH-Residence-03 DH-Residence-04 DH-Residence-05-0 DH-Residence-05-1 DH-Residence-05 DH-Residence-06-1 DH-Residence-06 DH-Residence-07-2 DH-Residence-07 DH-Residence-08-1 DH-Residence-08 DH-Residence-09-1 DH-Residence-09 DH-Residence-10 DH-Residence-11 DH-Residence-12 DH-Residence-13-0 DH-Residence-13 DH-Residence-14 DH-Residence-15 DH-Residence-21 DH-Residence-22

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